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As a responsible training company, we employ around 100 apprentices in twelve professions. We offer you a versatile and interesting training in which we challenge and support you professionally. Join us!

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Discover our apprenticeships Federally certified plant operator

Work where products are made! The chiller cabinet contains countless dairy products – all neatly packaged in cups, tins and bottles. But what has to happen before the finished product can be presented this way? Federally certified plant operators know!

Lehre_Informatiker Plattformentwicklung
Discover our apprenticeships Federally certified IT specialist

Help build the computer network! Without IT, production comes to a halt. A server or network problem can quickly lead to production interruptions and delivery delays. As a federally certified IT specialist, you can prevent this from happening!

Discover our apprenticeships Federally certified automation engineer

Turn milk into high-quality Emmi products with the press of a button! Automation is a major and seemingly inexorable trend. Even at Emmi, work steps that used to be performed by human hands are now carried out by robots or machines. Federally certified automation engineers are at the very heart of this dynamic environment.

Discover our apprenticeships Federally certified commercial specialist

It's all about organisation! This career choice opens many doors for you, as it is a versatile and wide-ranging training programme. There's barely an area you won't get to see. This is why, as a federally certified commercial specialist, you will get an optimal overview of what Emmi does.

Lehre_Laborantin Biologie
Discover our apprenticeships Federally certified biology laboratory assistant

Know what raw materials are made of! Emmi must know what is in the food, water, air and ground at all times. This is the only way we can ensure high product quality and safety day in, day out. As a federally certified biology laboratory assistant, you help us to guarantee that our raw materials only contain the ingredients that belong there.

Discover our apprenticeships Federally certified logistician

Get products where they need to go! What good is a product if it isn't in the right place at the right time? At Emmi, Logistics is a complex area in which each individual matters. You can help as a federally certified logistician!

Discover our apprenticeships Federally certified chemical laboratory assistant

Know what products are made of! Before a product is released for sale, it is carefully analysed one more time. As a federally certified chemical laboratory assistant, you are responsible for ensuring that customers are only offered flawless dairy products.

Discover our apprenticeships Federally vocationally certified milk practician

Witness milk transform into high-quality dairy products! Be part of the action when Emmi's high-quality products are made and contribute to the outcome: this is the task of a federally vocationally certified milk practician.

Discover our apprenticeships Federally certified dairy technologist

Turn milk into high-quality products! Federally certified milk technologists manufacture cheese and numerous other dairy products. This is a traditional profession that is performed today using state-of-the-art tools. In this job, you will learn the secrets of how milk is processed and refined.

Discover our apprenticeships Federally certified maintenance polytechnician

Keep plants in top-notch condition! Production machines are susceptible because they are so heavily used. This means federally certified maintenance polytechnicians are needed to ensure that the machines function reliably.

Discover our apprenticeships Federally certified retail trade specialist

Competently advise the customer in the specialist shop! The advice and the personal contact to the customer are in the foreground. You sell food in a renowned cheese shop and inform customers about its origin, nutrient content and shelf life.

Discover our apprenticeships Federally certified mediamatics technician

From the idea to creative realisation! As a federally certified mediamatics technician, you will work on marketing concepts - for both printed and digital media. You will keep our websites up to date and take responsibility for small projects. Your goal: to present our delicious Emmi products in the most appealing way possible and tailor them precisely to our target group.


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