Our Emmi Brands

Caffe Latte Teaser DE
Patience richly rewarded.
Gerber Teaser
The fail-safe fondue!
Get an extra serving of protein with Emmi ENERGY MILK High Protein!
Kaltbach Teaser DE
Refined by cave and Master
100% PURE – yogurt indulgence without any additives
Aktifit Teaser
Aktifit – gives you the energy to tackle the day!
Very mild cheese - LUZERNER
Benecol Teaser
Emmi Benecol – lowers your cholesterol!
Cut the lactose, not the taste – Emmi good day.
Moments Teaser
Emmi Moments – the extra-creamy yogurt.
Le petit chevrier –  Natural Swiss Goat Products
Raclette Teaser
Emmi Raclette – as diverse as you
Tonis Teaser
Mozzarella & fresh cheese – made in central Switzerland.
Emmi Pierrot
Pierrot Ice Cream – The swiss ice cream without palm oil.


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