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We strive to achieve success as an independent company in open markets. We intend to achieve this by means of a strategy based on three pillars.

Emmi is the largest milk processor in Switzerland and has grown over the past 20 years from a medium-sized, regionally oriented company to an international group of companies. The focus of our activities is nowadays on our home Swiss market, the surrounding European countries and North America.

We offer anything to do around dairy products

Most of our products are made from the milk of cows. Due to the increasing demand for products made from goat's and sheep's milk, we have also strengthened our position in these areas. In addition to cow's milk, we are now also processing more and more goat's milk in Switzerland (mainly into fresh cheese, but also into cheese, yogurt and drinking milk) and some sheep's milk (into cheese, yogurt, butter and drinking milk). 


Strong domestic market

Switzerland is our largest sales market and most important production country. Our mission is to further expand Emmi's leading position in its domestic market. We are constantly optimising our product portfolio by introducing new, innovative products, backing them with strong brand concepts, and continually fine-tuning our product range. 


Growth abroad

The second strategic pillar is targeted international growth. Today, Emmi exports products from Switzerland to some 60 countries worldwide and is represented by subsidiaries and holdings in 14 markets. Growth markets outside of Europe are becoming increasingly significant, acquisitions continue to be a growth option and organic growth is gaining relevance.


Cost management

Emmi continually optimises its costs in order to remain competitive. Thanks to strict, sustained cost management and continuous optimisation of all processes, we are constantly increasing our productivity and becoming even more efficient, allowing Emmi to save several million Swiss francs per year. In this context, the key measure is the efficiency improvement and cost-saving programme “Emmi Operational Excellence” (EOE). Our production sites abroad also benefit from these optimisations and experience.

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