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Creating added value in the long term

Emmi’s sustainable economic success is based on a focused and proven strategy. Rooted in Switzerland and successfully positioned worldwide, we are continuously developing our business further.

Creating added value for all our stakeholders is our aspiration. On this basis, and on the basis of our responsible business model, a proven strategy and targeted acquisitions, we have evolved from a regionally anchored organisation into an internationally successful group.


Our strategy

Our strategy focuses on five core areas and is aimed at sustainable, profitable growth. Building on our established strengths, it primarily addresses relevant future issues and the changing needs of our stakeholders.

In combination with our purpose, it serves as a recipe for future success, guiding us to do the right thing and take responsibility today for the world of tomorrow.

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The five core areas

The dairy leader in Switzerland

Our roots are in Switzerland, where we are number 1. We want to consolidate this strategically central position in the long term.

A strong international market player

Emmi is characterised by its diversity and local roots. We are now focusing on strengthening our position in those markets where we have established a position or recorded strong growth in recent years.

An innovative leader in selected niches

We want to get even closer to the consumers and differentiate ourselves with thought through innovation.

Excellent in what we do

Through excellent cross-functional action and leadership, we strive to become a benchmark within our industry in selected topics.

A role model in sustainability

In line with our traditions, sustainability is an integral part of our business model and our strategy.


Our heritage

Our roots in milk processing date back to 1907: Over 100 years ago, Emmi was founded by dairy farmers from the heart of Switzerland organised as a cooperative.

This unique heritage, our “savoir-faire” and the close relationships with our milk suppliers continue to shape the way we develop our business and create the best dairy moments – day after day.

Today we are the dairy leader in Switzerland with an established presence in 14 countries and leading local market positions. Unique brand concepts, a diversified portfolio and our innovative strength are what set us apart.

We operate a wide spectrum ranging from small artisan businesses to state-of-the-art production facilities. Millions of people in more than 60 countries worldwide enjoy moments of pleasure with our products and place their trust in our brands.

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The best dairy moments – dear to our hearts

Creating the best dairy moments is our passion. Our purpose also expresses this. Together with our vision and values, it guides our actions – today and in the future.

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About Emmi The story behind Emmi

Our roots in milk processing date back to 1907. This unique heritage and “savoir-faire” continue to shape the way we develop our business and create the best dairy moments for our consumers – day after day.

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Emmi is rooted in Switzerland. Discover our Emmi locations in Switzerland.

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