Caring for our people

We will provide a place where everyone feels welcome, valued and inspired, and offer growth opportunities for all our employees.

Our more than 9,000 employees around the world are an integral part of our sustainability model. Only together will we be able to fulfil our purpose of ‘the best dairy moments – today and for generations to come’. 

A strong and unifying corporate culture is just as important as a safe and healthy working environment and attractive development opportunities. That’s why we also promote a diverse and open working environment in which all ideas are welcome and a broad exchange of ideas takes place. 


Our 2027 target

We will fill 50% of all open positions internally and will ensure that 100% of our employees have a development plan in place.

Our employees’ skills and knowledge are some of our most important resources. We take responsibility as an employer seriously by making sure all our employees have a development plan in place, so that they can safeguard and even enhance their employability. As a company, we hope this will grant us access to a pool of qualified specialists. Emmi therefore aims to be in a position to fill half of its vacancies with internal candidates by 2027.

> Support for the UN Sustainable Development Goals

In 2021, we filled more than 45% of vacancies internally. We achieved this thanks to various individual development measures and targeted succession planning. Currently, more than half of all Emmi employees have their own development plan. This is strongly supported by our five Emmi values, which shape our unique corporate culture.

> Target achievement as of 31.12.2021

Our projects

Stories Handing over the baton: Emmi promotes junior staff from its own ranks

21 January 2022 – Jonas Leu (38) completed his apprenticeship at Emmi, worked in Spain and Chile and now heads the fast-growing Americas division with 13 subsidiaries. Matthias Kunz (61) has carefully prepared him for this demanding task. A change that shows the development opportunities Emmi offers and how internal managers are promoted.

Stories “Emmi is a great employer”

7 January 2022 - Luke Haller is learning the traditional craft of a dairy technologist at Emmi in Ostermundigen, Switzerland. In this interview, he tells us why he needs to be good at math and why he is fascinated by the world of milk processing.

Stories Nothing works without team “Blue”

8 October 2021 - Emmi is white – dairy products and employees dressed in white. Not entirely: there's also team "Blue", the technicians. They often go unnoticed until a machine breaks down and their help is needed. However, their work is not only vital, but also exciting.

Stories “We will only achieve our goal by working together”

24 September 2021 - With a new overarching approach, Emmi wants to harmonise economic, social and environmental aspects even more closely in future. But how can climate action be reconciled with dairy farming? We asked Peter Meier, Head of Milk and Cream Purchasing Switzerland.

Stories “Be brave and take a chance”

10 September 2021 - Karin Langensand is someone who asks a lot of questions and can remember almost anything. The trained chemist has had an amazing career at Emmi as a result, and is now Deputy Head of Logistics.

Stories Co-pilots for managers

14 May 2021 - Emmi’s nine executive assistants are a bit like the company's behind-the-scenes managers. For it all to work, trust and strong relationships are needed – both of which are closely linked to Emmi’s culture of appreciation.

Stories “The adventure of a lifetime”

7 May 2021 - They already believed in organic produce and sustainability 25 years ago: the founders of our Cowgirl Creamery subsidiary, Peggy Smith and Sue Conley. Their pioneering work has created a successful company which, with a new team, wants to continue to grow and win over new customers with specialities produced by hand.

Stories "I like to try new things"

9 April 2021 - At age 30, she is the first woman at Emmi to head a department in production. A department with an all-male staff. She admits she still makes mistakes, but also knows what she's capable of. Her motto is: you should never have to wonder “what if?"

Stories Changing jobs during the crisis

18 November 2020 - Emily King’s duties as a marketing specialist at Emmi Roth were seriously affected by the pandemic.

Stories The story of: Jakob

21 September 2020 - We are proud of our corporate culture. It is as unique as the people who work for Emmi. One of our goals is to actively promote the further development of our co-workers.

Stories The story of: Marlon

We are proud of our corporate culture. It is as unique as the people who work for Emmi. One of our goals is to actively promote the further development of our co-workers.

Stories The story of: Nicole

We are proud of our corporate culture. It is as unique as the people who work for Emmi. One of our goals is to actively promote the further development of our co-workers.

Best dairy moments - today and for generations to come


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