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Financial calendar

Here you'll find the key deadlines for business operations.


29.01.2020 | Publication of Annual Sales 2019

02.03.2020 | Publication of Annual Report 2019 / Annual Media Conference

02.04.2020 | General Meeting of Emmi AG - Invitation

06.04.2020 | Ex-dividend date (day on which the share is traded without a dividend) 

07.04.2020 | Record date (day used to determine who is entitled to a dividend)

08.04.2020 | Pay date (payment of dividend) 

26.08.2020 | Publication of the Half-year Report 2020


28.01.2021 | Publication of Annual Sales 2020

02.03.2021 | Publication of Annual Report 2020 / Annual Media Conference

15.04.2021 | General Meeting of Emmi AG

Media & Investors Media releases

Emmi regularly provides interested parties with information about the company - results, relevant projects, new products and sponsorship and marketing measures.

Media & Investors Contacts for Media & Investors

On this page you can find the contacts for media, investors and analysts.

Media & Investors Reports & Downloads

You can find the latest figures, reports and information about the share price as well as images here.

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Media & Investors Share price

You can find the latest figures and information about the share price here.