Federally certified dairy technologist

Turn milk into high-quality products! Federally certified milk technologists manufacture cheese and numerous other dairy products. This is a traditional profession that is performed today using state-of-the-art tools. In this job, you will learn the secrets of how milk is processed and refined.

Milk is used to make a wide range of products. You learn the processing steps applied in dairy technology: production and filling, maturing, tasting, packaging. Ultimately, you are also responsible for quality control.
Our broad range of products is created thanks to you and state-of-the-art production processes. Soon, you will no longer simply be a consumer and you will be anointed in the secrets of the products, mastering how they are produced.

You need to have completed lower secondary level schooling to do this job. A love for working with dairy products, a technical understanding of handing our computer-operated production equipment, a good sense of taste and smell, good hygiene awareness and strong team spirit are essential. Because we produce practically round the clock, we expect a willingness to work irregular hours.

The training takes three years.
We train federally certified milk technologists at the following locations:

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