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27 November 2020

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Media releases Emmi is committed to Switzerland as a business location

Emmi is strengthening its presence in Switzerland and investing CHF 50 million in its traditional location in Emmen. A new wing will replace the more than 40-year-old cheese dairy building, providing space for highly professional and resource-saving cheese production and creating additional capacities in line with the company's long-term growth plans. Construction work is scheduled to begin in the middle of November 2020, with commissioning planned for the end of 2022.

Media releases Emmi strengthens dessert business with acquisition in the USA

Italian dessert represent an important strategic pillar for Emmi. The Swiss milk processor has established a leading position in desserts in recent years and has proven that it can sucecessfully bring together and develop solid networks. Emmi is further strengthening its position in desserts by acquiring the complementary US desserts maker Indulge Desserts Intermediate Holdings, LLC. Based in the New York metropolitan area, the company makes a wide range of high-quality desserts and generates annual sales between USD 80 million and 90 million. This acquisition will enable Emmi to participate even more strongly in the growing dessert segment as well as extending its footprint to the United States and opening up new distribution opportunities for its Italian desserts. The transaction is subject to customary merger control approval.

Media releases Jonas Leu will head up the business division Americas from 2022

As part of its long-term succession planning, Emmi is appointing Jonas Leu to the top job at the business division Americas. The 37-year-old dairy technologist and food scientist (ETH) has worked for the leading Swiss milk processor in various functions since 1999 and has wide-ranging industry and management experience. As Managing Director, he is currently overseeing the merger of the Emmi subsidiaries in Chile. Leu will succeed Matthias Kunz (60) effective 2022, who will gradually be stepping down from Group Management at his own request.

Media releases Emmi increases stake in Bettinehoeve

Emmi, the leading Swiss milk processor, is increasing its stake in Dutch goat’s milk processor Bettinehoeve to 90 % and strengthening its commitment to this growth segment. The family business, in which Emmi has held a 60 % stake since 2016, has steadily strengthened its position in recent years thanks to its diverse range of goat’s cheese varieties. Emmi is therefore exercising the option to increase its stake in Bettinehoeve.

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Emmi regularly provides interested parties with information about the company - results, relevant projects, new products and sponsorship and marketing measures.



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