Federally certified logistician

Get products where they need to go! What good is a product if it isn't in the right place at the right time? At Emmi, Logistics is a complex area in which each individual matters. You can help as a federally certified logistician!

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As a federally certified logistician, you work in the Logistics control centre at temperatures of around 5°C. Several tonnes of our products are handled here every day. Thanks to computer technology, many processes are automated. You will learn how to process registered customer orders on the screen or monitor inventories.

Your help is also needed in the warehouse. You transport goods to their intended storage location with the help of modern industrial trucks. You will complete the necessary forklift examination during your basic vocational training.

If you like working with various systems, enjoy teamwork and are interested in conveyor technology, we can offer you an exciting training programme. You need to have completed lower secondary level schooling, with good marks in maths and German, to do this job.

The training takes three years.
We train federally certified logisticians at the following locations:

“I love working with young people. It is also an interesting time, supporting apprentices through their three years of training and making a positive impact on their education.“