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Perspectives and stories about Emmi, our products and the people behind of it all

The story of: Urs

27 May 2020 - We are proud of our corporate culture. It is as unique as the people who work for Emmi. One of our goals is to actively promote the further development of our co-workers.

#Sustainability Protein: it’s almost everywhere

19 May 2020 - Protein is hugely popular. Whether they’re young, old, sporty, leisurely, body-conscious – many consumers value a protein-rich diet.

#Sustainability Dairy products are often good for longer...

12 May 2020 - ... than it says on the best-before date. This date is only an indicator of quality. It is by no means a use-by date, after which an item of food should no longer be consumed.

#Company #Sustainability Emmi Sustainability Award 2019

30. April 2020 - Sustainable yogurt pot wins

#Company The fifth wave

6 April 2020 - Coffee is a consumable commodity with a long history. At the beginning of the 20th century the ‘black gold’ was only available to wealthy people.

#Sustainability The fight against plastic

23 March 2020 - Single-use packaging - especially plastic - is becoming increasingly frowned upon.

#Nutrition You are what you eat

11 March 2020 - Flexitarian, fruitarian, vegetarian, vegan. The list of nutritional plans and diets just keeps getting longer and longer.

#People Four at once

2 February 2020 - In Ostermundigen, four young women are training to become road transport specialists – a remarkable state of affairs.

#Nutrition Käsewähe – a treat for the taste buds and a great way to use up leftovers

3 February 2020 - Winter is raclette and fondue season. However, the absolute classic cheese dish for February is Käsewähe, a savoury cheese tart.

From baker to head of the mozzarella production team

20 January 2020 - In an increasingly digital and international world, our jobs are changing fast as well. Emmi and its employees are constantly developing to stay fit for the future. Among them is Manuela Steiner.

#Nutrition Start the new year with plenty of protein

6 January 2020 - We've all been there: after overindulging during the holidays, we want to get back on track as quickly as possible by doing more exercise and eating healthier.

#Company Emmi Landquart: 100 million kilograms of milk made into cheese

16 December 2019 - The cheese production facility in Landquart specialising in raclette cheese has surpassed the 100 million mark.

#Nutrition "Alles in Butter?" – Everything good?

9 December 2019 - Christmastime is cookie time – which means butter time: Despite the fitness and health trend, many people cannot do without butter on their bread or in their baked goods.

#Nutrition A drink that regulates the system

1st November 2019 - The season of roasted nuts, chocolate, mulled wine, gingerbread and decadent menus will soon be upon us.

‘I’m down-to-earth – that fits with Emmi’

2 December 2019 - While Emmi Caffè Latte is at fewer ski races this winter, we are now the main sponsor of ski star Wendy Holdener.