Federally certified plant operator

Work where products are made! The chiller cabinet contains countless dairy products – all neatly packaged in cups, tins and bottles. But what has to happen before the finished product can be presented this way? Federally certified plant operators know!

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As a federally certified plant operator, you are at the centre of the action. You operate and monitor production and packaging facilities for our various dairy products and you choose the right settings after a product change.
This requires good manual skills and team spirit, because the other staff members are crucial to the operation. When it comes to milk, hygiene is paramount, which is why it is especially important in our industry. We expect you to work meticulously and cleanly, and to demonstrate a love of technology.
You need to have completed lower secondary level schooling to do this job. During your training to become a federally certified plant operator, you will be instructed in the details of machinery and plants, materials science, productivity calculations, quality controls, error analyses, maintenance work, and safety and hygiene regulations.
The training takes three years.
We train federally certified plant operators at the following locations:

“My efforts today will benefit Emmi tomorrow. I work as a vocational trainer so we can continue to hire employees with excellent technical expertise in future.”“