#People - 14 May 2021

Co-pilots for managers

Emmi’s nine executive assistants are a bit like the company's behind-the-scenes managers. For it all to work, trust and strong relationships are needed – both of which are closely linked to Emmi’s culture of appreciation.

“Ideally, the boss does what we put in his calendar.”

Jasmin and her colleagues smile. Referred to in the organisational chart as “executive assistant to the CHRO”, she is better known as the assistant to Natalie Rüedi, head of HR at the Emmi Group. “Our job is to make sure our managers work effectively. If things go as planned, I'm managing Natalie.” The group nods in agreement. 


Complex tasks 

The team of executive assistants comprises nine women. They support and take the pressure off managers in their duties and are contact persons for employees and internal and external customers. They organise meetings, projects and events, take minutes, run workshops, book business trips, manage information and support managers in corporate and employee management. 

“We need to have a broad knowledge of what’s happening in the business and what projects are underway, be well-connected, proactive and able to look ahead.“

Christa WeyAssistant Chairman of the BoD

A role far beyond traditional secretarial tasks

Descriptions like “the friendly face of the boss” are no longer appropriate give the complexity of the tasks. “We need to have a broad knowledge of what’s happening in the business and what projects are underway, be well-connected, proactive and able to look ahead,” Christa explains. 

Full support from superiors

In addition to a lot of experience, the role also requires common sense. “There are times when we desperately need a decision but our bosses don’t have time. Then we have to make the decision. Situations like this are sometimes challenging – which makes it all the more important that we have the full support of our superiors," Christa tells.


Good relationships as the groundwork 

As a result, they work closely with their respective bosses. “In ten years, I’ve never once seen Marc Heim in a bad mood,” Silvia says. Andrea laughs. “Kai and I, on the other hand, tend to have more emotional personalities, so we sometimes have heated but also very humorous discussions.” The good relationships are also a product of Emmi’s culture, which emphasises appreciation. 

Drivers of digital working methods

The team also shares a strong sense of cooperation. “In doing so, we also address the increasingly important topic of digitalisation, familiarise ourselves with digital platforms and working methods, and create added value for the whole group by actively sharing our experiences,” adds Andrea. “We are increasingly the co-pilots for our managers,” explains Sarah Salini.

From left to right: Ariane Scherzinger, Andrea Koller, Christa Wey, Christine Kunz, Jasmin Brun, Sarah Salini, Silvia Schläfli, Doris Krieger and Britta Würgler

Executive assistant team:

Sarah Salini, Assistant CEO (Urs Riedener)
Andrea Koller, Assistant Chief Supply Chain Officer (Kai Könecke)
Silvia Schläfli, Assistant Division Switzerland (Marc Heim)
Christa Wey, Assistant Chairman of the BoD (Konrad Graber)
Jasmin Brun, Assistant Chief Human Resource Officer (Natalie Rüedi)
Britta Würgler, Assistant Division Americas (Matthias Kunz)
Doris Krieger, Assistant Division Europe (Robin Barraclough) 
Ariane Scherzinger, Assistant Chief Financial Officer (Ricarda Demarmels) 
Christine Kunz, Assistant Global Marketing (Thomas Morf)

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