#People - 21 September 2020

The story of: Jakob

We are proud of our corporate culture. It is as unique as the people who work for Emmi. One of our goals is to actively promote the further development of our co-workers.

Behind every single Emmi co-worker is an extraordinary story, an individual career. A CV as unique as a fingerprint. We have taken a closer look at some further development stories that are emblematic of the workforce as a whole.

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“​I have worked for Emmi for 37 years, 25 of which as department head in Suhr. In order to avoid getting stuck in a routine and to further develop myself professionally, I have been working as a production manager at an Emmi subsidiary in the Engadin – the LESA dairy – since July 2019. Getting involved in something completely new at the age of 58 is a fantastic experience, and I’m looking forward to everything that my professional future may bring.“

Jakob FurrerProduction Manager LESA

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