Caring for our communities

We create positive social impact and shared value while making sustainable dairy the norm.

From the farmers who supply our milk to the places who host our facilities, everyday we count on the contribution and commitment of our communities. They are a critical part of our sustainability framework, as it is within our communities that we operate our business, source our milk and other ingredients, and sell our products. We are dedicated to supporting the people who most support us, in a virtuous cycle of care.

To Care for our Communities, we are supporting our dairy suppliers to produce in a more sustainable way, as well as ensuring all our sourcing is done ethically, with respect to human rights and animal rights across our supply chain. We also contribute to develop the local and especially rural communities through programs. And we support the wider community who buys our products by offering a range of quality, sustainable and nutritious dairy products. 

Our 2027 target
Sustainable dairy We will process 100 % sustainable milk globally We strive to stand for products made from sustainable milk – on a global basis. To achieve this, all milk suppliers must meet regionally above-average standards by 2027. In our domestic market of Switzerland, where sustainability has long been a key differentiation criterion compared to milk products from other countries, we support the development of the "swissmilk green" industry standard.

Our achievements

We are a pioneer of the 'swissmilk green' sustainability standard. 93 % of the approximately 950 million kilograms of milk processed by us in Switzerland every year comply with the standard. More than eight out of ten of our dairy farmers and suppliers produce in accordance with the standard, thereby helping to ensure that Swiss dairy products are ahead of the field, particularly in terms of animal welfare. 

To further improve animal welfare, environmental protection and prospects for farmers, we are extending our commitment to sustainable milk to our activities beyond Switzerland. Locally initiated programmes also support prospects for farmers. For example in Tunisia, where the foundation launched by Vitalait advises more than 1,800 farmers on various topics, including feed, cow husbandry, careful cultivation of the soil and economical use of water.

Our farmers

Trust, being close to the origin and quality awareness characterise the long-lasting partnership with our dairy farmers.

Our projects

Media releases Emmi rewards milk quality with an additional quality premium

13 July 2021

Media releases Emmi creates additional apprenticeships in Switzerland

Against the backdrop of the difficult apprenticeship situation in Switzerland caused by coronavirus, Emmi is offering young people additional prospects. The milk processor is creating additional training places and also offering an apprenticeship to those young people facing the threat of job losses as a result of the corona crisis. In addition, apprenticeship graduates who perform well and exhibit good conduct will be offered at least a temporary position after completing their training at Emmi.

Stories Christmas trees from the farm: the Meili family

17 December 2021 - The Meili family is very busy: In addition to dairy farming, they also cultivate Christmas trees and sell them at the regional market during the Christmas season. In the video you can find out how the Meili family got their Christmas trees, which firs are popular and how old a small Christmas tree gets.

Stories Toni yogurt: the iconic product goes regional and gets personal

12 November 2021 - The popular Toni yoghurt has been wowing customers for almost 40 years. Now “the icon in a glass jar” is going regional and getting personal, with milk from Emmental produced by selected Emmi farmer ambassadors.

Stories From organic to Demeter: Blum family

#Sustainability | 22 October 2021 - The Blum family from Roggliswil in the canton of Lucerne is converting their farm, "Honig", from organic to Demeter production. In the farm portrait, Thomas Blum explains what it actually means to produce Demeter products.

Stories Renewable energy from the farm: the Arnold family

#Sustainability | 27 August 2021 - At the Arnold family home in Wikon, it’s not just the salad that comes fresh from the garden. A large part of the energy is also produced directly on the farm.

Stories Holiday on the farm: the Wymann family

2 July 2021 - We introduce our Emmi farmer ambassadors in the video portrait series “Our farmer ambassadors”. Today, it’s the turn of the Wymann family from Oberburg. Here, you can see the cows being milked and pitch in yourself before tucking in to a delicious farm breakfast.

Familie Stalder_Stalder-Egli_Nottwil_Drohne
Stories Fresh from the farm: the Stalder family

28 May 2021 - We introduce our farmer ambassadors in the video portrait series “Our farmer ambassadors”. Today, it’s the turn of the Stalder family from Nottwil. The 24-hour vending machine offers fresh milk, crisp fruit and sweet berries.

Stories Learning on the farm: Pfefferli family

23 April 2021 - In the video portrait series “Our Farmer Ambassadors”, we regularly introduce one of our farmer ambassadors. Today, the Pfefferli family's "Lernort Bauernhof" educational farm is in the spotlight. Judith and Franz Pfefferli welcome school classes and offer a farm playgroup, seasonal courses and gardening courses for children.

Stories 90 % of our milk is sustainable and cows have names

9 December 2020 - Emmi is a pioneer of the “swissmilk green” sustainability standard for the Swiss dairy industry. Today, nine out of every ten litres of milk that we process in Switzerland are sustainably produced. To further improve animal welfare, environmental protection and prospects for farmers, we are extending our commitment to sustainable milk to our activities beyond Switzerland.

Stories ‘I’m down-to-earth – that fits with Emmi’

2 December 2019 - While Emmi Caffè Latte is at fewer ski races this winter, we are now the main sponsor of ski star Wendy Holdener.

Stories Prevention is better than cure

Animal welfare is difficult to measure. Health is undoubtedly a crucial factor. It was with this in mind that we launched the “healthy and long-living” cows project in 2017. which saw a veterinarian provide regular and preventive support to interested dairy farmers over a period of three years to help them keep their cows fit and healthy. After the project was completed, it was found that the cows’ improved health had a positive effect on fertility. For farmers, this means – among other things – lower costs. The majority of dairy farmers therefore want to continue to make use of herd management. This will likely soon be supported by the new agricultural policy AP22+, which provides for an “Animal Health” incentive programme and welcomes preventive measures for the welfare of livestock.



Our sustainability approach

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