#Sustainability - 12 August 2022

130 cows, 130 names: the Suter family

Around 130 cows live on the Suter family farm. Peter Suter knows each one by name. It is clear to him that the cows do just as well on his large farm as on a small one. They have plenty of space and many helping hands to take loving care of them.

Our farmers keep moving: in the video series “Our farmer ambassadors”, we present the people who supply the valuable raw ingredients to our production facilities, from which we make high-quality, delicious dairy products both now and in future: sustainably produced milk.

Today: the Suter family from Mühlau AG

To get ahead, you need to be innovative and open. Emmi Farmer Ambassador Peter Suter is sure of that. He has joined forces with two other businesses to form a joint venture and runs his farm together with his son Mathias and his wife Helen. Helen is Australian; Peter met her on one of his expeditions and brought her home with him, together with many inspiring insights. "It’s important that you go around the world with your eyes open and look at how agriculture is done in other countries," he explains. 

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Large farm, happy cows

Bella, Fiona, Bianca – today, the Suter family in Mühlau has around 130 cows in their barns. Guests are welcome at any time. Together with his wife and many helping hands, including apprentices, Peter wants to show that the animals on his farm are doing well and that a larger farm does not rule out good animal welfare.

"You have to stay on the ball to keep up in agriculture," says Peter.

So he is always trying out new things – which is why, as of last year, he now sometimes finds himself standing knee-deep in water. This is because at Suter’s, rice no longer comes from China but instead straight from the farm – a new adventure for the family business and a new home for local birds. 

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“We want to correct the image that animal welfare decreases as the size of a company goes up.“

Peter SuterEmmi Farmer Ambassador & milk supplier, Mühlau AG

Emmi farmer ambassadors

The long-standing partnership with our regional dairy farmers has always been of particular importance to us: it is characterized by trust, proximity to the source and an awareness of quality. Through this close collaboration, we contribute to value creation in rural regions and stay close to the key ingredient in our products: high-quality and increasingly sustainably produced milk. Together, we create added value and make sustainable dairy farming the norm. To further strengthen the partnership and focus on the families behind all these fine dairy products, Emmi launched the Emmi farmer ambassadors project in 2018. At, photos and videos offer a vivid glimpse into the day-to-day life of around 300 Emmi farm ambassadors. 

Caring for our communities

We create positive social impact and shared value while making sustainable dairy the norm.

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