What is your sustainable Emmi moment? - Steal with pride!

For the second year in a row, we asked our employees: "What is your sustainable Emmi moment?" This time, however, we focused on cooperation within our corporate group and encouraged people to replicate good ideas.

That's because many sustainability projects have been realised in the past few years. The knowledge acquired by our employees in these projects can contribute to the sustainable advancement of the Emmi Group through interdisciplinary and international dialogue and teamwork. We want to seize this opportunity.

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Winning project - Ostermundigen: optimised valve cleaning

In order to guarantee the quality of our products, cleaning is performed numerous times a day. This requires the use of water and cleaning agents. Reducing water consumption has been one of our sustainability goals since 2021. By scrutinising and optimising the opening times (flip times) for valves, our largest Swiss production facility in Ostermundigen was able to conserve cleaning agents and water in 2020.

2nd place – Emmi Dessert Italia: Stop the Waste

For an increasing number of companies around the world, the fight to reduce waste is becoming a moral and ecological duty. In Italy, too, more and more consumers are paying attention to the environment, for example plastic waste and the use of increasingly important resources such as water. Emmi Dessert Italia therefore decided to implement a number of projects in order to breathe obvious life into the sustainability vision that the corporate group set for itself.

3rd place– Emmi Roth: Water reduction

When Emmi Roth realised that water would become a key sustainability issue for the Emmi Group, the company decided to start identifying and addressing wastewater problem areas a year early.

Employees' choice – Kirchberg: Emmi’s first bee colonies

We usually think about biodiversity mainly in the context of milk production. However, a team led by hobby beekeeper and Emmi employee Jörg Wenger implemented a dedicated project which showed that there are unexpected opportunities in our immediate surroundings to promote an intact environment.



Sustainability contest: Our employees' contribution