Sustainability contest: Our employees' contribution

No one knows a company better than its employees. We have used this fact for many years to boost its efficiency and cut its costs. After all, Emmi Operational Excellence (EOE) is fundamentally nothing more than an extensive employee suggestion scheme.

We are convinced that the knowledge of its employees is also necessary to make the company more sustainable, because in addition to the five priorities that are managed top-down, the foundations for many aspects of sustainability in the company’s daily operations are set by the more than 8,000 people who work at Emmi.

To ensure that these foundations are set properly, a broad understanding of sustainability must be created among employees. Besides continuous communication around smaller and larger sustainability projects along the value chain, we also use an annual sustainability motto to achieve this awareness.

2021: Packaging project wins Emmi Sustainability Award

#Sustainability - 24. juin 2022 | Every year, as part of Emmi’s Sustainability Day, we present awards for exemplary sustainability initiatives by our employees. This year, a packaging project from Switzerland won the competition.

What is your sustainable Emmi moment? - Steal with pride!

For the second year in a row, we asked our employees: "What is your sustainable Emmi moment?" This time, however, we focused on cooperation within our corporate group and encouraged people to replicate good ideas. That's because many sustainability projects have been realised in the past few years. The knowledge acquired by our employees in these projects can contribute to the sustainable advancement of the Emmi Group through interdisciplinary and international dialogue and teamwork. We want to seize this opportunity.

2019: Our most sustainable Emmi moments

Companies are often managed using quantitative targets – sales, profit and profitability. These are important for Emmi as well. But, for us, quality is of equal if not even greater importance. By this we mean not just quality of our products, but also the quality of relationships within the workforce, with customers, with suppliers and consumers. This quality is difficult to measure. But it can be identified at special moments. We as a company want to make a targeted effort to create such moments. And that includes the area of sustainability. That is why we asked our employees: “What is your sustainable Emmi moment?"

2018: We are proactive and not afraid of hard work – together

Only together can we achieve our targets. In 2018, Emmi therefore deliberately focused on cooperation – within the team, and across disciplines and countries. The Sustainability Competition looked for projects in which collective strength was used to promote Emmi in a sustainable manner in various respects and the company’s greatest experts were brought together.



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