2nd place – Emmi Dessert Italia: Stop the Waste

For an increasing number of companies around the world, the fight to reduce waste is becoming a moral and ecological duty. In Italy, too, more and more consumers are paying attention to the environment, for example plastic waste and the use of increasingly important resources such as water. Emmi Dessert Italia therefore decided to implement a number of projects in order to breathe obvious life into the sustainability vision that the corporate group set for itself.

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Following a comprehensive analysis of the current situation, Emmi Dessert Italia employees were able to implement several projects to reduce plastic, water, hot glue and CO2: 

  • -70 tonnes of CO2 for the welding machines and hot glue projects
  • -40 tonnes of CO2 for the insulation work
  • -52 tonnes of waste
  • -58,000 m3 of water/year (thanks to a new valve)

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