2019: Our most sustainable Emmi moments

Companies are often managed using quantitative targets – sales, profit and profitability. These are important for Emmi as well. But, for us, quality is of equal if not even greater importance. By this we mean not just quality of our products, but also the quality of relationships within the workforce, with customers, with suppliers and consumers. This quality is difficult to measure. But it can be identified at special moments. We as a company want to make a targeted effort to create such moments. And that includes the area of sustainability. That is why we asked our employees: “What is your sustainable Emmi moment?"

Winning project: Environmentally friendly yogurt pot

Emmi’s Swiss facilities alone use around 600 million yogurt pots each year. For the sake of the environment, it’s time to take a critical look at what we can do to improve the status quo. Emmi is therefore testing a paper and synthetic pot, which produces 60 % less CO2emissions than a conventional pot.

2nd place – Suhr (CH): Cooling project with potential multiplier effect

Cooling and heating processes are the major energy consumers in milk processing. Optimisations in this area require a great deal of detailed knowledge and expertise. In Suhr, thanks to tremendous personal commitment by all involved, power consumption was reduced by three percent within the space of just one year.

3rd place – Molkerei Biedermann (CH): “Nothing on top” could set a new precedent

Molkerei Biedermann is now dispensing with the plastic resealable lid on its popular Bio-Lassi. In its place, a sipping hole has been integrated into the seal. This saves around 2.2 tons of plastic per year.

Employee's choice – Kaiku (ESP): Focus on organic waste

The wastewater produced by a dairy always contains large amounts of organic waste. These are filtered out and recycled or disposed of separately. At Lácteos de Navarra (“Kaiku”), the water content of this sludge has been massively reduced, halving freight and reducing disposal costs by around 75,000 euros a year.

Ambassador award – Dagmersellen (CH): Awareness campaign

Everyone can do their bit to protect the climate. Planting a tree is one option. The Dagmersellen site shined a spotlight on this initiative at various other Emmi locations in Switzerland as part of its tree gifting and planting campaign.



Sustainability contest: Our employees' contribution