2018: We are proactive and not afraid of hard work – together

Only together can we achieve our targets. In 2018, Emmi therefore deliberately focused on cooperation – within the team, and across disciplines and countries. The Sustainability Competition looked for projects in which collective strength was used to promote Emmi in a sustainable manner in various respects and the company’s greatest experts were brought together.

Winning project and employee's choice – Switzerland: Together against food waste

Our Swiss sites generate more than 13,000 tonnes of food waste a year, with products that would be suitable for human consumption making up a substantial proportion. But for the most part, there is a lack of customers. An additional sales channel was created with an online platform for surplus products. The result after the first six months was convincing: around 90 % of the goods on offer were placed internally instead of being disposed of.

2nd place - Mahdia (TUN): Optimising water consumption

Scarcity of water is a persistent problem in North Africa. So it is all the more important that this vital resource is handled carefully in these regions. However, it is precisely here that there is frequently a lack of relevant awareness and knowledge. For this reason, we rate Tunisian company Vitalait’s comprehensive water-saving measures even more highly. The fact that the annual water savings of 175,000 m³ are accompanied by cost savings of almost CHF 100,000 is all the more pleasing.

Award winning project - Sebastopol (USA): Solving the plastic problem, step by step

Although large quantities of plastic waste are an issue in many countries, very few alternatives are used for food packaging. One intermediate step is to minimise the use of plastic by using smart packaging, such as the three-component pot (K3) established in Switzerland. Californian company Redwood Hill has also opted for this practical improvement, which reduces plastic consumption by 40 tonnes a year.

Lifetime-Award – Ostermundigen (CH): When resource conservation becomes a life task

Electricity consumption -23 %, water consumption -13 %, consumption of fossil fuels -11 %, waste water quantity -11 % - that is the balance of ten years of professional environmental management at the Ostermundigen plant. This also results in annual cost savings of around CHF 300 000 and proof that sustainability is not just an ideological issue.



Sustainability contest: Our employees' contribution