Caring for the best dairy moments for generations to come

Caring is the Emmi way. For over a hundred years, we have been crafting our products in a careful way from farm to fork, considering the needs of our people, communities and the planet. We aim to deliver the best dairy moments for generations to come while creating value in local communities.


Creating value with our sustainability framework

Our framework is built upon the three branches of our strategy (our people, communities and planet) which together cover our sustainability ambitions and guide our journey. The tree is the symbol of our sustainability framework because it connects our roots to the impact we have on people, communities and the planet. The results of which are the rich fruits that the tree bears representing our social, economic and environmental progress.



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What we care about

Caring for our people

We will provide a place where everyone feels welcome, valued and inspired, and offer growth opportunities for all our employees.

Caring for our Communities

We create positive social impact and shared value while making sustainable dairy the norm.

Caring for our planet

We aim to achieve netZERO by 2050 while driving circularity across our operations.

Reports & Partners

Since 2011, we have been publicly sharing our goals and progress in our biennial Sustainability reports.


Media releases Swiss water-saving project receives Emmi Sustainability Award

15 June 2021

Media releases Emmi creates additional apprenticeships in Switzerland

Against the backdrop of the difficult apprenticeship situation in Switzerland caused by coronavirus, Emmi is offering young people additional prospects. The milk processor is creating additional training places and also offering an apprenticeship to those young people facing the threat of job losses as a result of the corona crisis. In addition, apprenticeship graduates who perform well and exhibit good conduct will be offered at least a temporary position after completing their training at Emmi.

Media releases Emmi expands commitment to fight food waste

27 April 2021

Media releases Emmi sets new sustainability targets and a netZERO 2050 vision

23 february 2021 - Emmi announces progress towards its sustainability goals and raises the bar with new targets including water usage reduction. Beyond further lowering its environmental im-pacts, Emmi is also expanding its goal to drive sustainable milk production and positive change in the global dairy eco-system.

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Media releases Hydrogen: Emission-free and practical

Emmi now has two H2 lorries from Hyundai that run on “green” hydrogen on the road. This technology has the potential to lead freight transport by road to a sustainable future. Hydrogen-powered lorries can be refuelled normally, have a good range and offer sufficient transport capacity.

Our partners

WWF Switzerland and Emmi have cultivated an active dialogue on sustainability-related topics for several years. By assuming the role of a demanding, critical, yet constructive specialist, WWF Switzerland has helped us to hone and refine our sustainability commitment. In autumn 2016, we therefore decided to turn our collaboration with WWF Switzerland into an official partnership.

Together with WWF Switzerland, we have formulated a number of objectives aimed at promoting sustainability at Emmi in general and environmental protection in particular. It is extremely valuable for us to be able to count on the expertise, the network and also the critical opinion of the WWF. This helps us to be sufficiently ambitious and address the correct and relevant topics. 


Trust, proximity to the source and an appreciation of quality are the hallmarks of our long-standing partnership with our dairy farmers. Over 6,000 Emmi dairy farmers tend to their cattle with love and passion each and every day and are proud of the innovative products we make from them.

emmi.com/bauernbotschafter (only in german)

Achieving the goal of a circular economy requires the commitment of all of us – society, politics and business. Together we must ensure that Switzerland is preserved for future generations. Companies dedicated to this cause have set up the PRISMA innovation rounds so we can work together step by step to achieve the vision of a sustainable circular economy.

prisma-innovation.ch (only in german)

We put a lot of heart and soul into our products and are proud of them. So it is a shame if they end up in the trash instead of being eaten. The main reason why food is thrown away is because of its limited shelf life.

Many consumers blindly rely on the date indicated on the packaging. There is often a best-before date on dairy products. But this is actually just a guarantee of quality. Many consumers have trouble with this concept, however. They equate this with the use-by date and throw the food away without a second thought after it expires, even though it would still be perfectly good. In order to prevent this in the future, we support the food rescuers of Too Good To Go, the “often good for longer” campaign, and also, most recently, the “Waste Warrior Brands”.


Technologically feasible, ecologically necessary and economically sensible: the shift from a linear economy to a circular economy makes sense and is urgently needed. The hub puts the various priorities into practice, disseminates relevant knowledge and fosters a dialog between the various players.

Partners from industry are given a platform on the circular economy that also offers the possibility to network and share knowledge with others. Key topics such as recyclability or extended producer responsibility are worked on and promoted in a coordinated manner. Swiss Recycling is responsible for project management.

circular-economy.swiss (only in german)

AgroCleanTech serves as a point of contact for agricultural energy and climate issues, and also offers information on and assistance with implementing development programs for energy-efficient and eco-friendly agriculture. Emmi is a member of the association. 

agrocleantech.ch (only in german)

In September 2019, a new standard for the production of Swiss milk was introduced. “swissmilk green” makes one thing certain: the milk and milk products in question were produced to the highest standard. Emmi has been heavily involved in the development of swissmilk green within the milk industry organisation.

swissmilkgreen.ch (only in german)

KOMETIAN is an association that promotes a complementary animal medicine offering aimed at reducing the use of antibiotics in livestock farming. Emmi is a collective supporting member. In this way, we provide our milk producers with a reduction on KOMETIAN membership. 

kometian.ch (only in german)

By joining Soy Network Switzerland, we want to help ensure that only certified soy is used in Swiss milk production. By joining Soy Network Switzerland, we want to help ensure that only certified soy is used in Swiss milk production. The Swiss Soy Network is committed to the responsible cultivation and sustainable procurement of soy used for feed. 98 percent of soy that the network’s buyers import is responsibly and sustainably produced. In 2020 the network celebrated its 10th anniversary.




Our employees' contribution