#People - 19 July 2023

Cheers to our successful apprentices!

They did it! 44 apprentices successfully completed their apprenticeships at Emmi in 2023. We are very proud of our Emmi Makers! A team of four of these apprentices has produced a humorous farewell video. Find out how they mastered it.

Our apprentices don’t just have to work through Excel spreadsheets, operate manufacturing machines and prepare for meetings – they also have a lot more responsibility to take on. This year, four apprentices were given the opportunity to carry out their own project: to produce a final communication at the end of their training period. Our four Emmi Makers were able to apply all their knowledge and talents to the undertaking.


A cross-functional team

«To reflect our cohort, it was important to us that we represented apprentices from different apprenticeships in the core team,» explains Laurin, who completed the final stage of his commercial training in the Group Communications department.


«We considered what skills we needed to be able to handle the communication from A to Z ourselves.» The result is a four-person team consisting of a media technologist, a commercial assistant, a computer scientist and a dairy technologist.

First, the roles were assigned, and then the brainstorming started. «We had five different ideas. One idea was to celebrate our graduation with fireworks. That would have been really fun, but unfortunately not realistic,» explains Noah, an IT apprentice, with a grin. «Nevertheless, we agreed on a cool project. We decided to make a video and are now proud of the result.»


More difficult than expected

They got started with a script, camera and tripod. Despite clear ideas and timetables, they also had to improvise: poor lighting conditions, noisy manufacturing in the background and the temporary failure of the microphone made the task a challenge.


«Over time, we became really inventive to solve our problems. It was really fun,» says Eveline, trainee media technologist and camerawoman. So everything worked out in the end, including the repaired microphone. 

“Over time, we became really inventive to solve our problems. It was really fun.“

Eveline Esseivatrainee media technologist and camerawoman

Humour is a must

«It was very important to us that our video still reflected the humorous and open everyday working life at Emmi,» says Eveline. This was how the funny and unplanned scenes came about. «We all agreed that these excerpts definitely had to be included in the video,» says Ivo, an apprentice dairy technologist.


For everyone, one thing is clear: You can only achieve great results if you feel comfortable at work. «This is what we all like so much about Emmi: It’s fun to work with so many friendly colleagues, where you can try things out and make mistakes.»

Respectful environment

Projects such as the one described here are an integral part of the training, allowing apprentices to acquire additional skills. Development is firmly anchored in Emmi’s sustainability model. All employees should have an environment in which they feel welcome, valued and inspired and have opportunities for development. The goal of everyone having a development plan by 2027 underscores this ambition.

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Caring for our people

We will provide a place where everyone feels welcome, valued and inspired, and offer growth opportunities for all our employees.

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