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#Sustainability - 9 December 2022

Hay, grass and basking in the sun: the Siegrist family

What does IP Suisse mean? And how is grass-fed milk different from conventional milk? Stephan Siegrist explains in this video and tells us about his day-to-day life as a dairy farmer running a family business.

The name “grass-fed milk” gives away what it means: in summer, the cows spend as much time as possible out on the pasture, i.e. in the meadow, and mainly feed on grass. In winter, hay and grass silage form the main components of their diet, but exercise is still possible. “The aim is to promote biodiversity, conserve resources and reduce the impact on the environment,” explains Stephan Siegrist. 

Our farmers are making a difference: in the video series “Our farmer ambassadors”, we present the people who supply the valuable raw ingredients to our production facilities, from which we make high-quality, delicious dairy products both now and in future: sustainably produced milk. 

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Today: the Siegrist family from Burg, Aargau

“We put our heart and soul into producing healthy, regional food,” explains Stephan Siegrist. His IP-Suisse-certified grass-fed milk also has to meet the requirements of the state-controlled animal welfare label “RAUS” regarding regular outdoor exercise. “Regular” means that the animals graze for at least 26 days in each summer month. In winter, they graze for 13 days. Alternatively, they can get their exercise in an outside exercise area.  

The Siegrist family also meets the requirements of the “BTS” label regarding particularly animal-friendly housing systems. These include specially arranged resting areas that are accessible around the clock and the option to bask in the sun. And of course, a cow brush is also vital. The cows can use it to massage their back – or to take care of their itchy rump!

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“I became a dairy farmer because I enjoyed working with cows as a young boy and for me, there's nothing better.“

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Emmi farmer ambassadors

The long-standing partnership with our regional dairy farmers has always been of particular importance to us: it is characterized by trust, proximity to the source and an awareness of quality. Through this close collaboration, we contribute to value creation in rural regions and stay close to the core of our products, high-quality and increasingly sustainably produced milk. Together, we create added value and make sustainable dairy farming the norm. To further strengthen the partnership and focus on the families behind all these excellent dairy products, Emmi launched the Emmi farmer ambassadors project in 2018. Photos and videos that offer a vibrant insight into the day-to-day life of around 300 Emmi farmer ambassadors can be found at

Caring for our communities

We create positive social impact and shared value while making sustainable dairy the norm.

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