#People - 29 july 2022

Making the leap abroad

Pack your suitcase and change jobs and country. More and more Emmi employees are choosing to go on a personal and professional adventure.

With subsidiaries in 15 countries, Emmi offers appealing opportunities for employees. “It’s been an incredible opportunity for me. I’ve been able to gain many new experiences, both in my professional career and my private life.” Ben Sproson, who previously worked as Head of Commercial and UK Operations at Emmi UK, took on the role of Head of Sales at Emmi Dessert Italia at the beginning of the year. It’s been fantastic, he says: “I’ve already tried tons of Italian desserts.”

“It’s been an incredible opportunity for me. I’ve been able to gain many new experiences, both in my professional career and my private life.”

Ben SprosonSwitched from Emmi UK to Emmi Dessert Italia

Chile, USA, UK

Like Ben, more and more employees are choosing to work for the Emmi Group in another country for a short or longer period of time. Tobias Baltis, for example, moved from Switzerland to the US last year and now works for Emmi Dessert USA. Then there’s David Jost from Switzerland, who has been working for Emmi UK in London since last summer. Not to mention Nathalie Van der Waard, who relocated from Bettinehoeve (NL) to Italy to provide maternity cover in the role of Finance Controller, or Alex Widmer, originally from Switzerland, who moved from Chile to Redwood Hill in the US to take on the role of Production Manager. The list goes on.

The advantages outweigh the disadvantages

“We have seen a snowball effect,” says Daniela Weingartner from the Global Mobility Management team. “You hear other people’s success stories and think about taking the plunge yourself.” Although such a step involves jumping in at the deep end, Daniela believes that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. “It always leads to positive personal development. You learn new things and overcome obstacles.” Emmi welcomes this development, as it encourages the sharing of knowledge within the group. Barriers are broken down, and it is an opportunity to foster talent.

“The big plus is that the young employees receive strong support. Having such experiences in your back pocket prepares you for a bright future.”

Daniela WeingartnerGlobal Mobility Manager

A unique opportunity for young professionals

Emmi’s “young professionals” program offers young employees from Switzerland the opportunity to spend one year working in the US, Spain or Italy. “The big plus is that the young employees receive strong support. Having such experiences in your back pocket prepares you for a bright future” says Daniela.

Caring for our people

We will provide a place where everyone feels welcome, valued and inspired, and offer growth opportunities for all our employees.

Complex preparation

Taking a step like this often requires some effort. The Global Mobility Management team supports employees during the process. “Our support is particularly important in the period prior to the move,” says Daniela. Moving countries is complex – you have to deal with tax matters, legal matters, and health and other types of insurance while also adapting to your new surroundings. “We provide support with all these things and help to ensure that everything goes smoothly.”

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