#People - 6 May 2022

From production to marketing

Dennis Trgovcic, 22, has been Product Manager at Emmi since the beginning of the new year. His motto to always exceed others and go the extra mile led him to the exciting world of Emmi marketing via a rather unusual route.

As part of its sustainability strategy, Emmi has set itself the goal of offering all employees development opportunities and promoting them. Dennis is a prime example: in 2015, he started his apprenticeship as a food technologist at Jowa AG. The work seemed to suit him well, because he was immediately offered a job. "I quickly realized that further education is very important for me," he adds when talking about the time after his apprenticeship. One year after completing it, he already started a training course as a specialist in business administration and applied technical management. 

“I quickly realized that further education is very important for me.“

Dennis TrgovcicProduct Manager, Private Label Fresh

Fully committed in every situation

While still in training, Dennis found his way to Emmi through a friend. At the production site in Suhr, he got to know various areas as a machine operator and was also able to gain his first management experience as an operational substitute for shift management on the night shift. During this time, Dennis was getting closer and closer to graduating. "The annual graduation rate is only 66 %." There is a little sense of pride in his statement; after all, he is one of those who made it. Dennis explains this success with his motto of always wanting to exceed others and go the extra mile.


New doors open

As a newly graduated specialist in business administration and applied technical management, it was time for a new challenge. Dennis found this in the product manager position at Emmi. "I’ve never worked in an office before," says Dennis, naming his next goal: to acquire practical experience and gain a foothold in the marketing world. “Of course, I miss my old team in Suhr,” he says after a few weeks at the headquarters in Lucerne. Nevertheless, he only has good things to say about his new team. When asked about the career change, Dennis enthuses about the significant tasks for which he is responsible. The new job is less of a physical challenge for him, but that’s not a problem: Dennis makes up for it by going to the gym.

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