#Brands - 31 March 2023

Coffee that tastes like fun

Life is serious enough, so we’re dedicating ourselves to the fun side of everyday life with Fun Latte. With our sights set on ‘Gen Z,’ the focus is on fun with two fun-filled Emmi Caffè Latte varieties.

An Emmi Caffè Latte that tastes like popcorn? And Hazelnut Brownie? Really? People might well ask. In fact, two new varieties have recently become available, one that tastes like popcorn and another that tastes like hazelnut brownies. 


With these flavours, we are specifically targeting

‘Generation Z’ – young people between the ages of 16 and 23. 


The new taste experience is a perfect match for the unique success story of Emmi Caffè Latte and the great popularity of this delicious drink.

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An unusual approach

The idea of creating fun, fancy flavours arose from the idea that, after the years of pandemic, young people would want to be happy and carefree again.

A completely new approach was then adopted for Emmi: marketing asked Emmi apprentices about their ideas and preferences. Together with the global marketing team, around 10 flavours were developed to be tried out, including flavours such as marshmallow. 

“The idea of creating fun, fancy flavours arose from the idea that, after the years of pandemic, young people would want to be happy and carefree again.“


Consumers have their say

After that, young people had the chance to taste these flavours on the street and share their opinions. The two varieties that have now been launched were the most popular. The coffee flavour is significantly less strong than in other flavours, making it perfect for a young audience. 


Of course, we tested these ideas using our marketing tools, and this innovation is based on trends and a lot of conceptual work. 

Major appearance on ‘Germany’s Next Top Model’

The focus on Gen Z is also reflected in the eye-catching packaging and advertising that is primarily tailored to digital channels. The two ‘Fun Latte’ products will also be launched in the UK, Austria, Spain and Germany. 

Incidentally, Emmi Caffè Latte is sponsoring the next series of ‘Germany’s Next Top Model’. The Popcorn Fun Latte will make a big appearance on the show.


Sustainable packaging

Fun, enjoyment and high-quality drinks are important to us, but so is responsible conduct. Our aim is to produce 50 percent less waste by 2027.


In this context, Emmi has succeeded in reducing the amount of plastic in its Caffè Latte cup to such an extent that we save 375 tonnes of plastic per year. 

Caring for our planet

We aim to achieve 'netZERO' by latest 2050 while driving circularity across our operations.

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