#People - 10 September 2020

On the road with Eli

After one year in loading, distribution and picking, it's time to start driving lessons in the 40-tonne lorry, and then at 18 they're ready to complete transport orders independently: our budding road haulage specialists. Eli gives us an insight into their training.

At the beginning of the year we reported on four women who like to be in the driving seat (​article "Four at once").
Eleonora, Kerstin, Leandra and Leonie are training as road haulage specialists in Ostermundigen. Women as road haulage specialists? If you think it's only men who like to tow 40 tonnes behind them, you’re wrong.  

“Driving, being the king of the road. I was fascinated by this from the very first moment,” said 18-year-old Eli in an interview at the time. The ASTAG accompanied “our queen of the road” during the intensive week at the Museum of Transport in Lucerne for a day of securing loads, tilting the lorry cab and fitting snow chains.

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“Driving, being the king of the road. I was fascinated by this from the very first moment.“

Eli Apprentice transport specialist
Entdecke unsere Lehrberufe Strassentransportfachfrau/mann EFZ

Dich und Emmi Produkte weiterbringen! Die erste und die letzte Aufgabe für Emmi Produkte leistet der Transport. Strassentransportfachfrau/mann EFZ ist ein verantwortungsvoller Beruf, bei dem du viel auf der Strasse bist und mehr bewegst als alle anderen.

Media releases Emmi creates additional apprenticeships in Switzerland

Against the backdrop of the difficult apprenticeship situation in Switzerland caused by coronavirus, Emmi is offering young people additional prospects. The milk processor is creating additional training places and also offering an apprenticeship to those young people facing the threat of job losses as a result of the corona crisis. In addition, apprenticeship graduates who perform well and exhibit good conduct will be offered at least a temporary position after completing their training at Emmi.

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Are you about to take the first steps on your career path? Then Emmi is the place for you. Emmi offers excellent starting blocks. Learn more about the many exciting professions at Emmi.

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Do you have any more questions? The personnel department of the respective location will be happy to give you further information.

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