#People - 24 April 2024

Job in New York – a dream come true

HR specialist Adriana Wey has taken on an adventure and moved from tranquil Switzerland to the bustling metropolis of New York to work for EDUSA, a subsidiary of Emmi. The 28-year-old describes a rollercoaster of emotions – despite occasional homesickness, it’s exciting and thrilling.


She lives just 20 minutes from Times Square and her team and staff are very warm and open. And yes, she misses her partner and her family. As Adriana Wey talks about her new life, her first experiences and feelings, you quickly realise  that this is someone who has embarked on a personal adventure.

Spanish is a huge bonus

But how did this come about? After completing her master’s degree in psychology, Adriana Wey received a full-time position at Emmi Switzerland and worked on various projects, including management and employee development. Two years ago, Adriana joined the HR International team and became an HR Consultant for the Americas Division on a permanent basis. Being fluent in Spanish – her mother is Mexican – helped her to collaborate with companies in Spain, Chile, Mexico and also in the USA, where there are many Hispanic employees. And her Spanish skills were also a huge bonus when applying for the position as an HR business partner at EDUSA (Emmi Dessert USA). 


Delving into the American HR world

Last autumn, the time came: Adriana flew across the pond and started her job at EDUSA, which specialises in the production of premium desserts in the USA. It is only 45 minutes by car from her home in Astoria in Queens, New York, to her workplace at the ‘Loves & Quiches’ location. Adriana’s main task in the US is to support and encourage teams and managers in their development. Adriana is supported on her learning journey, which includes immersing herself in the complex world of American HR, by her supervisor, Maria Escobar, and team.


A springboard for the future

Adriana has settled in well. She loves to explore the lively metropolis. I’m learning a lot. So much so that this time here will certainly be a springboard for my future professional development.

“I am learning so much here that this time will certainly be a springboard for my further professional development.“

Adriana WeyHR Business Partner EDUSA

Exciting further development, internationally too

Adrianas’s example is not unique. Emmi encourages employees to develop within our internationally active company and gain exciting experience. Employee development is firmly anchored in our strategy as another way of ensuring that our business stands the test of time. 

Caring for our people

We will provide a place where everyone feels welcome, valued and inspired, and offer growth opportunities for all our employees.

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