#People - 05. December 2023

Across the pond with bag and baggage

From Emmi Switzerland to Emmi Dessert USA: in August, Josef Pelloni set out for new shores, along with his wife and three children. For the 47-year-old Italian and his family, the change of job and the accompanying move was a big and emotional adventure.

"It was like driving a car in winter with a summer tyre," says Josef Pelloni. Based in his office in Kenilworth, New Jersey, the Managing Director looks back on his first weeks at Emmi Dessert USA, a subsidiary of the Emmi Group. "It was just chaos," says Josef, thinking of the countless boxes of furniture and all the belongings of a family of five travelling across the Atlantic in a container. 


Life turned upside down

Moving with three children aged 8, 11 and 13 was gruelling. Even for someone like Josef, who is used to re-pitching his tents again and again. It pulled the rug out from under him, too. He felt unsettled because he had just turned his whole life upside down.  


Warm welcome in the USA

"But it was wonderful how Emmi supported me with the Global Mobility Team," he emphasises, adding: "the warmth and friendliness with which I was welcomed at Emmi Dessert USA was simply exceptional."


The former Managing Director spent two months introducing him to his new duties and since October, Josef has been solely responsible for the company’s fortunes. This is a great opportunity for personal and professional development for Josef, who has been with Emmi since 2014 and most recently worked in Strategic Development at the headquarters in Lucerne.  

Intercontinental and emotional adventure of changing jobs

The change of job and the accompanying move have been a big adventure for him and his family that has stirred up plenty of emotions. Josef allows these emotions; he believes that they are actually important, especially in his role as Managing Director. 


"For me and for all of us, it’s crucial that we are able to form relationships with people. To do this, I need to be authentic and approachable. This is the only way that I can do a good job and run a company. And that’s only possible if I’m emotionally open and get ready to drive with my summer tyres through the snow: alert and ready to react if the car starts to drift!" 

“Only if I am emotionally open can I do a good job and run a company.“

Josef PelloniManaging Director Emmi Dessert USA

Exciting further development, internationally too

Josef’s example is not unique. Emmi encourages employees to develop within our internationally active company and gain exciting experience.

Employee development is firmly anchored in our strategy as another way of ensuring that our business stands the test of time. We offer a working environment where all employees feel welcome, valued and inspired and have opportunities to develop. 


Exciting further development, internationally too

We will provide a place where everyone feels welcome, valued and inspired, and offer growth opportunities for all our employees.

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