#People - 14 July 2023

Always with a goal in mind – and a big dream in his heart

As a teenager, Samson fled from Eritrea to Switzerland and had to work hard to get by. The plant operator is keen to undertake further training and has ambitious plans for the future.

Together with his siblings and his mother, Samson came to Switzerland in 2010. ‘At the age of 15, I had to take on the role of a father,’ says the plant operator from Ostermundigen. Integration was a challenge for the whole family. Fortunately he could speak a little English.

When an apprenticeship as a dairy technologist was advertised at school, he asked what it was. ‘A schoolfriend recommended this career to me.’ That’s how he started training to become a federally certified (EBA) dairy practician. In his second year, he was able to change course, and is now working towards a qualification as a federally certified (EFZ) dairy technologist.


Next step: technical college

The young man likes his current job very much. ‘I am responsible for the production of yogurt and have to make sure that everything runs smoothly and without disruption. We have a good team that works well together.’


But Samson is far from satisfied: ‘I love challenging myself and trying new things.’ Which is why he wants to graduate from technical college as a dairy technologist in the near future. But he will have to wait a little longer for that – family takes priority. ‘My wife and I have a small child, who is my priority right now.’


Grateful for support

Samson is glad that he was given an opportunity at Emmi, and he wants to get as much as possible out of it. ‘I am very grateful to my vocational trainers for the support they have always given me.’ Alongside his short-term goals, the young man also has a big dream.

‘Where I come from, 80% of the people are farmers. That’s why it’s my dream to set up something in the milk processing sector in Eritrea someday.’

“I love challenging myself and trying new things.“

Samson YosiefPlant Operator, Ostermundigen

Open working environment

Samson’s story is encouraging – and at Emmi, which attaches great importance to a positive corporate culture, his is not an isolated case. Loyalty to the company, manifested in our motto ‘We are Emmi’, is seen in our day-to-day work – and for good reason: alongside the environment and society, the welfare of our more than 9,000 employees is a key pillar of our approach to sustainability.

We provide a place where everyone feels welcome, valued and inspired, and offer growth opportunities for all our employees. A strong and unifying corporate culture is thus just as important as a safe and healthy working environment.

Emmi promotes a diverse and open working environment in which all ideas are welcome and a broad exchange of ideas takes place.

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