Federally certified road haulage specialist

Further yourself and Emmi products! Transport is the first and last leg of the Emmi product journey. Federally certified road haulage specialist is a job that comes with a high level of responsibility. You spend a lot of time on the road and help to get things moving more than anyone else.

As a federally certified road haulage specialist, you are responsible for transporting freight – be it raw materials that we require for processing or finished Emmi products that are making their way to shops for sale. You make sure that they get to the right place at the right time. The tasks are diverse and cross borders, as you also work with international transport and customs regulations.

During your training, you will also take the lorry examination. This means that you not only bear responsibility for the freight, but also for the vehicle. You need to have completed lower secondary level schooling to do this job. We expect you to exhibit technical interest, customer friendliness, precise working methods, the ability to concentrate and a love of vehicles.

The training takes three years.
We train federally certified road haulage specialists at the following locations:

“We introduce young people to the working world and to the joy of a fulfilling job. We also teach them to assume responsibility and work independently. These are all skills that are required in professional life.“