#Sustainability - 25 March 2022

Promoting young climate talent

Empowering employees and reducing greenhouse gases – with the "myClimate" company challenge, we are combining these key pillars of our sustainability model. Around 30 Emmi apprentices have developed various solutions for a sustainable future.


Every year, Emmi offers more than 40 apprenticeships in a wide range of industries.

We are deeply committed to creating the best dairy moments together – today and for generations to come. It is very important to us that our youngest employees learn what sustainable management means during their apprenticeship.

To raise their awareness of the issue of sustainability, we took part in the myClimate’s – a climate action foundation – company challenge sustainability competition for the second time.

“Within four days, the apprentices have to develop concrete solutions for climate protection and energy efficiency.“

Stefanie MüllerHead of Emmi Apprenticeships in Switzerland

Developing and implementing projects

"The company challenge is an internal competition for apprentices," explains Stefanie Müller, Head of Apprenticeships in Switzerland. "Within four days, the apprentices have to develop concrete solutions for climate protection and energy efficiency."

They learn a lot about project management and how to deal with time pressure. And, of course, they gain knowledge in the area of sustainability. "We thus combine two important aspects of our sustainability strategy: employee development and concern for the environment." It was attended by 32 second-year apprentices. They worked on different ideas in 11 groups.


Making a difference together

This has given rise to a wealth of valuable ideas, such as for reducing food waste, organizing carpools, generating solar power and using water-saving devices. The winning team of three impressed the expert jury comprising Emmi and myClimate employees with their RideShare carpool project. The aim was to reduce CO2 emissions.

They created surveys, programmed an app and got a quote from an existing start-up. Louis, Timofey and Noah from the winning team explained proudly that "it’s cool to contribute to environmental protection and to be able to make a difference with your own ideas."

“It’s cool to contribute to environmental protection and to be able to make a difference with your own ideas.“

Louis, Timofey und NoahEmmi winning team
Sustainability Best dairy moments - today and for generations to come

At Emmi, we take care. For more than 100 years, we have been carefully producing our products – from farm to production and delivery – with passion, tradition, skill and care. This is what allows us to create added value and focus on the needs of our employees, society and the environment.

Sustainability Caring for our planet

We aim to achieve netZERO by 2050 while driving circularity across our operations.

Stories Above-average CDP climate rating

10 February 2022 - The CDP climate rating evaluates companies worldwide with regard to CO2 emissions and climate-related risks. In 2021, Emmi continued to improve in this respect, cementing its above-average position in the food industry with a ‘B’ rating. Both our CO2 targets, which are geared towards our netZERO 2050 reduction path, and our expanded use of renewable energies are bearing fruit, confirming our continuous, pioneering approach to carbon-neutral production, which can be seen, for example, at our subsidiary Mexideli.

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