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Senior Professional Programme: Supporting experienced professionals and benefiting from their wealth of knowledge

Retired and gone? It doesn’t have to be that way: thanks to the Senior Professional Programme, qualified Emmi specialists are able to pass on their experience and knowledge. This benefits them and, of course, also the Emmi operations, especially abroad.


Emmi has not escaped the effects of the shortage of skilled workers. “This makes it all the more important that we do not simply ‘lose’ long-standing employees when they head towards retirement, but try to make further use of the wealth of experience and knowledge they have picked up along the way,” explains Patrick Vielle, Head of Group Engineering. 


Emmi has therefore initiated the Senior Professionals Programme, which offers qualified specialists the opportunity to continue working for Emmi even after retirement. The long-standing experience at Emmi is a precious treasure trove.


The Senior Professionals help with selecting the right machinery and equipment, help reduce costs or optimise processes. Moreover, the Senior Professionals know Emmi like few others, as is the case with Marcel Jöri and Markus Häfliger.



From Mister Mozzarella to Advisor in the Engadine

For many years, Markus Häfliger was in charge of the Cream Cheese division in Dagmersellen and was known at Emmi as   ‘ Mister Mozzarella ‘. The 64-year-old left his long-standing position two years ago and rose to the challenge with the Senior Professional Programme.


He started by spending a lot of time in the Engadine at Emmi subsidiary LESA: with the new buttery and new filling plant for yoghurts, big changes needed to be made. It was the perfect time for the arrival of some additional expert knowledge.

“Later, I supported projects at Kaiku in Pamplona and at Emmi Dessert Italia (EDITA),” says Markus. Last year, he spent time at Emmi Roth in the USA and helped to optimise various processes. “The most important thing to me is to meet people where they are to get them excited about what we are doing together.” The passionate Emmian considers retiring more of a ‘tiring’ affair. “My soul is just still in it.”


From Suhr (Switzerland) into the world

Although the former Head of Dairy Technology and Projects in Suhr is already 69, Marcel Jöri is still a passionate Emmian. “As early as 2012, when I was still working in Suhr, I also worked as an expert and supported other companies,” says Marcel. Since then, he has travelled all over the world and knows the Emmi subsidiaries like few others.


“I have assisted with quality issues, process optimisations and the procurement and commissioning of new machines. I’m currently working intensively with Quillayes Surlat in Chile, Vitalait in Tunisia and Leeb in Austria.” The pensioner really enjoys his 40 percent workload. “My heart still beats for Emmi and it’s nice to be able to pass on my expertise.”

“My heart still beats for Emmi and it’s nice to be able to pass on my expertise.“

Marcel JöriSenior Professional, former Head of Dairy Technology and Projects in Suhr

A key to success

Patrick Vielle is in charge of coordinating the assignments of the Senior Professionals at Emmi. “The work of our Senior Professionals is key to the success of investment projects. Through their experience, they help define the right technologies and advise the Emmi operations on their long-term operational challenges,” emphasises Patrick.

The support is well received by companies at home and abroad, as confirmed by Angela Paradiso, Lead Buyer and Procurement Business Partner EDITA: “We really appreciated the valuable tips, experience and availability Markus brought with him.” LESA Production Manager Julian Albrecht also sees things positively: “Together, we have experienced ups and downs that have welded us together. The time together was incredibly respectful and instructive.”

Exciting further development, internationally too

The examples of our two Senior Professionals are not isolated cases. Emmi encourages employees to develop within our internationally active company and gain exciting experience. Employee development is firmly anchored in our strategy as another way of ensuring that our business stands the test of time. We offer a working environment where all employees feel welcome, valued and inspired and have opportunities to develop.

Caring for our people

We will provide a place where everyone feels welcome, valued and inspired, and offer growth opportunities for all our employees.

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