#People - 20. February 2024

"Our Emmi culture is unique"

What do Emmi employees particularly value about their work? Six employees talk about why they enjoy working at Emmi, and in some cases even returned here after several years elsewhere.


"The managers trust us"

From fondue filling at Fromalp to group leader for processed cheese at the production site in Langnau, Laura Dagostoino has worked at Emmi for 25 years and is a true all-rounder: "I just like my job. I'm busy in the office for some of the time, but I also work in Production and maintain contact with the team. We’re there for each other – like a family. The managers trust us. That makes such a difference – because we feel their appreciation, we do a good job. I appreciate being able to develop my career."


"You won’t find such a wonderful culture anywhere else"

Andreas Hofer, Head of Sales Service Lucerne, has been working for Emmi for ten years now. During this time, he has been responsible for a number of exciting tasks. What has kept Andreas at Emmi for so long is the culture: "The unique Emmi culture motivates me every day to work happily for Emmi and to contribute to the success of the company."


"My work is valued and varied”

Jovana Dürig, Development Project Manager at the Langnau production site, is enthusiastic about Emmi. For her, it is her colleagues, above all, who enrich her working day. Jovana also appreciates the fact that she has a lot of freedom of choice in her job at Emmi: "I can work on my own projects and contribute my ideas. My work is valued and varied. For example, I can support the development of a new product from the experiments in the test kitchen right up to the first production run."


"A community that sticks together"

Lorenz Zaugg, production planner at the Langnau production site, returned to Emmi after a five-year stint elsewhere. He likes the informal atmosphere and appreciates the way all Emmi employees stick together: "The biggest difference with Emmi is that we are seen as Emmians. That we’re all there for each other and have good teams. At the other place I was more of a lone fighter; here we are a community that sticks together. I like that, and that’s why I’m back."


"At Emmi I can continue my training”

Anojan Shanmuganathan, logistics specialist at the Langnau production site, appreciates the open and harmonious approach at Emmi. He also likes the versatility: "My work is very varied. Booking orders in SAP, unloading, weighing, checking and much more. I also appreciate the fact that I get a lot of training opportunities."


"My opinion counts"

Bruno Stalder, Head of Yogurt/Quark Production at the Ostermundigen production site, sees the Emmi culture as unique. This is also the reason why he returned to Emmi after six years working for another company: "Here, my opinion counts, I can get involved and I am heard. This is not necessarily the case everywhere. I can be who I am and contribute constructively. I have been able to develop and take on leadership roles, which is very exciting."

Winning teams

The examples of these Emmi employees are not isolated cases. Emmi fosters a working culture that enables all employees to work together well and demonstrate a high level of commitment. Employee development is firmly anchored in our strategy as another way of ensuring that our business stands the test of time. Emmi offers its employees many development opportunities and attaches great importance to modern management and organisational methods. We provide a working environment where everyone feels welcome, valued and inspired.   

Caring for our people

We will provide a place where everyone feels welcome, valued and inspired, and offer growth opportunities for all our employees.

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