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Fact Friday: 10 exciting (Emmi) milk facts

Did you know that up to 150,000 cheese wheels are stored in the heart of the Kaltbach caves, that several hundred thousand people in Switzerland work with milk and dairy products, and that 9 litres of this already come from sustainable production? These aren’t the only exciting (Emmi) milk facts we’re revealing to you on today’s “Fact Friday”.

10 milk facts
#1 Leading Swiss milk processor Emmi processes around 2 billion kilograms of cow’s milk worldwide every year, half of it in Switzerland. It also handles around 90 million kilograms of goat’s milk and about 2.6 million kilograms of sheep’s milk.
F?hrende Milchverarbeiterin EN
#2 9 out of 10 litres of milk from sustainable production 93 % of the milk processed by Emmi in Switzerland comes from sustainable production in accordance with the “Swissmilk Green” sustainability standard. To further improve animal welfare, environmental protection and the prospects for farmers in rural regions, we are extending our commitment to our activities beyond Switzerland.
8 von 10 Litern
#3 Domestic roughage 70 % of agricultural land in Switzerland is grassland, which provides the basic fodder for our cows. A Swiss cow eats mainly roughage such as grass, hay, herbs and maize. Around 92 % of this comes from Switzerland.
Heimisches Raufutter
#4 Species-appropriate husbandry Switzerland applies one of the strictest animal protection laws in the world. The fact that 88 % of cows spend over 26 days per month outdoors from May to October is just one aspect of this. Swiss cows have two to eight times more outdoor space than the cows of our neighbors.
Tiergerechte Haltung
#5 Valuable source of protein A cow produces between 20 and 35 litres of milk every day. No other animal transforms low-quality food (grass) into valuable protein for humans as efficiently as the cow.
Wertvolle Proteinquelle
#6 Natural supplier of nutrients Milk contains a whole range of valuable nutrients: calcium, protein, easily digestible milk fat, vitamins A, D, E, B2 and B12, as well as minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, iodine, zinc, potassium and magnesium.
Nat?rliche Energiequelle EN
#7 Delicious food made from Swiss milk Emmi processes regionally produced milk into high-quality dairy products. Among other things, we produce around 55,000 tonnes of yogurt, 160 million cups of Emmi Caffè Latte and 19,000 tonnes of cheese in Switzerland every year.
K?stliche Lebensmittel EN
#8 Masterpiece from the cave Up to 150,000 cheese wheels are stored in the heart of the Kaltbach caves. A loaf of Emmentaler AOP weighs around 100 kilograms and has a diameter of one metre.
Meisterwerke aus der H?hle EN
#9 Much more than just a profession In Switzerland, around 6,000 dairy farmers look after their cows every day with huge passion and a great deal of expertise and supply Emmi with their milk. Over 270 farmers are already proud Emmi farmer ambassadors.
Mehr als ein Beruf EN
#10 Milk creates jobs The dairy industry makes an important contribution to the Swiss economy. In total, several hundred thousand people in Switzerland are directly or indirectly involved with milk and dairy products. At Emmi, more than 8,700 employees worldwide are committed to creating high-quality food products from milk, helping to create unique Emmi moments.
Arbeitspl?tze EN
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