The Second World War

After 15 years of normality, the Second World War breaks out (1 September 1939) and a state of emergency is reimposed.

1942 Transformation to arable farming
Once again, the supply of milk products for the population is managed centrally. On the very day that war is declared, the Swiss Federal War Food Office and the Central Swiss Milk Producers sign an agreement to this effect. This remains in force for two years until an order is passed to convert cattle farming into arable farming, and from 1942 onwards milk has to be rationed as a result.
1944 Milk regulation unit
The ZMV acquires a herder's hut in Hasli-Emmen and in 1945 turns this into a milk regulation unit.
1945 Testing facility
The Neuhüsern cheese dairy is converted into a testing facility for soft and semi-soft cheese.
1947 Emmi brand
The Emmi brand is born! A dessert cheese from the Emmen soft cheese dairy is launched on the market under the Emmi brand. The range includes Tilsiter, Bel-Lago, Znünikäse and Münster.
1948 First Emmi yogurt
The first Emmi yogurt is marketed in the city and region.
Postwar years

On the basis of a revised 1947 business article, beginning in 1952 a new agricultural law regulates Swiss agriculture. The provisions governing the dairy sector and their implementation are highly contested, with the dairy industry assuming a key role. The entire milk market organisation is geared towards securing a milk price for producers that covers their costs. Given this key role, the milk price is set by the Federal Council. In return, dairy farmers are required to supply their milk to an official milk collection point or cheese dairy. Butyra and the cheese union oversee the sale of the resulting dairy products. The former organisation additionally controls the monopoly and thus regulates the butter price. Even back then, a price-support fund is needed to offset earnings on the foreign cheese markets, which are too low compared with the Swiss milk price.