Recession of the 1970s

The collapse of the Bretton Woods system of monetary management (March 1973) and the crude oil crisis (autumn 1973) trigger a global recession. It spells the end of the economic boom that has lasted almost 30 years.

1970 Cristallina
The power on the dairy products market shifts from the dairies to the large distributors. The Central Swiss Milk Producers combine the forces of the regional milk processors and launch a joint, national yogurt market: Cristallina. Almost everyone still knows these yogurts today, especially in the rural regions of Switzerland.
1971 Yogi Drink
A misstep becomes a runaway hit. The intention was to launch a yogurt pudding under the Cristallina brand. But something goes wrong during the stabilisation process, and the yogurt remains liquid. The yogurt drink called Yogi Drink has many ardent fans to this day.
1973 mattinella juices
The Lucerne Butter Centre now produces not only milk but also orange juice, which is still distributed today under the mattinella brand. In 1979, the mattinella range is expanded by apple and pear juice.
1974 Coupe Chantilly and Délice
Those in change at Cristallina in the 1970s also proved themselves to be quite adept at developing desserts as well: Coupe Chantilly and Délice are still on the shelves today.
1974 Milk powder plants Dagmersellen
A further expansion makes the site in Dagmersellen one of the most modern and efficient milk powder plants in Europe.
1976 Soft cheese dairy in Emmen
The new soft cheese dairy commences operations in Emmen. The range encompasses St. Paulin, Tilsiter, Fontina, Sennenmutschli, Raclette and Reblochon.

To curtail the milk surplus and prop up the milk price, the individual farm milk quota system is introduced in 1977. The total volume of milk produced in Switzerland is limited to 3.2 million tonnes annually.