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Transport yourself to the Engadin mountains, one spoon at a time

Together with Engadin star chef Dario Cadonau, Lataria Engiadinaisa (LESA) is launching three new yogurt creations. The ingredients are sourced primarily from the Engadin and the surrounding region and bring a breath of mountain air to the table.

What happens when a star chef from the Engadin and one of Europe’s highest-lying dairies embark on a joint project? “Pure indulgence that transports you spoon by spoon directly to the Engadin mountains”, enthuses Beat Klöti, Operations Manager at Lataria Engiadinaisa (LESA). Say hello to LESA’s three new yogurt creations, developed in collaboration with Engadin top chef Dario Cadonau. “It’s a great pleasure to create genuine Engadin products together with LESA and also to pass on our treasures to the lowlands”, says star chef Dario Cadonau. 


Natural source of inspiration

He also takes inspiration for new dishes and creations from the nature of his home region: “We have four distinct seasons and a landscape that has a lot to offer: nature, food, space for ideas. There’s definitely never a dull moment here.”

The top chef has also incorporated this inspiration into the three new yogurt creations. Made from Engadin alpine milk and refined with mountain herbs and fresh ingredients from Grisons, each one is a true delight for the palate. 

The Engiadina Pura yogurts are available in selected Coop stores in the cantons of Zurich, Grisons, St. Gallen, Thurgau, Glarus, Appenzell Ausserrhoden/Appenzell Innerrhoden and Schaffhausen, at Spar and some Volg stores in the Engadin, as well as from coop@home. 

“We have four distinct seasons and a landscape that has a lot to offer: nature, food, space for ideas. There’s definitely never a dull moment here.“

Dario CadonauStar chef

The natural

The Engiadina Pura Original Yogurt with Lemon Verbena provides a refreshing change. As its name suggests, lemon verbena has a smooth, lemony flavour and is used as a natural remedy for colds and headaches, among other things. The combination of freshness and acidity is an ode to taste.


The berry

Engiadina Pura Raspberry Yogurt with Lemon Balm is pure summer in every spoonful: sweet raspberry is complemented by a hint of refreshing mint and lemon balm, which is said to have a calming effect. “This variety is especially delicious in a berry Bircher muesli”, says Cadonau.

The fresh

Engiadina Pura Apricot Yogurt with Mountain Thyme is a favourite of many – including Dario Cadonau. Mountain thyme, used as an anti-inflammatory in naturopathy, gives this variety a special twist and a modern touch.  Fruity fresh apricot and slightly citrusy mountain thyme harmonise perfectly with each other on the palate.

Engiadina Pura Jogurt Brombeer mit Rosmarin
Engiadina Pura Jogurt Nature mit Löwenzahnhonig
lesa.ch Lataria Engiadinaisa (german only)

Seit 1982 bringen wir mit unserer hauseigenen Produktlinie Engiadina Pura ein Stück Engadiner Bergwelt auf den Tisch.

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