#Brands - 23 December 2022

Wendy Holdener joined by two new skiers

She’s done it: Wendy Holdener has finally won her first two slaloms. And now our Emmi Caffè Latte ambassador has been bolstered by two talented young skiers. Will this spur on our ski star even more?

Two new skiers are taking to the World Cup slopes – and they’ve got plenty of bottle (quite literally!). As of the current season, two talented Swiss Alpine skiers will be joining the Emmi Caffè Latte family alongside our brand ambassador Wendy Holdener. Delia Durrer and Semyel Bissig will be showing off their water bottles in the Emmi Caffè Latte design from this year on.


A 19-year-old who knows what she wants

They both started the World Cup races this season with their sights set on ambitious targets: «My biggest goal is to win the Olympics» explains Delia.


The 19-year-old knows that this is a gradual process, one that calls for lots of time and patience. She has her feet on the ground – making this friendly native of Nidwalden the perfect ambassador for the Emmi Caffè Latte brand. 

“My biggest goal is to win the Olympics.“


Coffee as a passion

«At home, I grind my coffee myself,» explains Semyel Bissig. The 24-year-old giant slalom specialist wants to fight his way back to the top following an injury in 2021 and says coffee is one of his life’s passions. 


This project sees Emmi Caffè Latte forge a new path: these two young faces bring a breath of fresh air into the Emmi family – and we can hopefully look forward to their successes in the future. It goes without saying that we’re sticking by Wendy, too: you’ll see us on her head as helmet sponsor both on and alongside the pistes.


Friendly interactions with Emmi employees

Wendy, an affable Schwyz native, visited Emmi’s location in Kirchberg and was left impressed: «It was so cool to get a glimpse of how cheese is made and matured. All the Emmi employees I met were so friendly» she says. 

And now she’s finally done it: after 30 (!) finishes on the slalom podium, she won her first World Cup slalom in Killington, USA at the start of December, followed by her next in Sestriere, Italy. These were her 106th and 107th races. She’s proof, more than anyone else, that persistence pays off – something that youngsters like Delia and Semyel can only stand to benefit from. 


A classic game makes a comeback

Who can remember Ski Challenge? Hours spent playing on the digital slope? Fans have something to look forward to: the much-loved game is returning and is now also available in a mobile version!


Emmi Caffè Latte is extending its sponsorship activities from the real slopes to the digital ones. Why not download the app via Google Play or the App Store and put it through its paces? 

Emmi Caffè Latte CAFFÈ WENDY ist wieder da!

Pünktlich zur Saison sind unsere beiden Double Zero's wieder im CAFFÈ WENDY Spezialdesign erhältlich. "Double Zero" lautet auch die Erfolgsformel von Skirennfahrerin Wendy Holdener: Zero zugesetzter Zucker + Zero Süssungsmittel. Natürlich verlosen wir auch dieses Jahr coole Preise – jetzt mitmachen & gewinnen!

Stories ‘I’m down-to-earth – that fits with Emmi’

2 December 2019 - While Emmi Caffè Latte is at fewer ski races this winter, we are now the main sponsor of ski star Wendy Holdener.

Dürfen wir vorstellen? Dein Lieblingskaffee. Double Zero Macchiato

Der Emmi CAFFÈ LATTE Double Zero Macchiato verführt auch ohne viel Schnick Schnack. Null zugesetzter Zucker. Null Süssungsmittel. Null Laktose. Dafür viel cremiger Geschmack für alle Kaffee-Enthusiasten und Geniesser, für die weniger eben mehr ist. Unsere Verzehrempfehlung: geschüttelt, nicht gerührt.

Wendy Holdener
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