#Company - 2 December 2019

‘I’m down-to-earth – that fits with Emmi’

While Emmi Caffè Latte is at fewer ski races this winter, we are now the main sponsor of ski star Wendy Holdener. She’s very much enjoying the world of Emmi, she tells us at a photo shoot. And ‘Wendy fever’ has taken hold in Ostermundigen, too – the plant has produced 1.5 million special edition ‘Caffè Wendy’ coffees.

‘It’s just really cool working with the people from Emmi.’ Shortly before the season kicked off, Wendy Holdener spent a day with our sponsorship team. Photos were taken with the young ski star in a location close to Lucerne.

The announcement that Emmi would be the slalom specialist’s new main sponsor this winter did not come out of nowhere. After all, we’ve been working with her for some time now; for three years Emmi was a third-party sponsor of Wendy Holdener, and she appeared as an ambassador for Emmi Caffè Latte during this period.  

“It’s just really cool working with the people from Emmi“


I’m down-to-earth

Now she wears the brand on her helmet, beanie and cap. ‘I’m down-to-earth and ambitious – that fits with Emmi,’ she says with a laugh. True, we’ve scaled back our sponsorship activities a little. For example, where Emmi Caffè Latte previously had a presence at 20 to 30 World Cup races around the world, it will now focus on just the nine Swiss races.

‘At the same time we’re increasing our investment in Wendy Holdener,’ says Pascal Mühlheim, Head of Sponsorship. ‘We’re focusing more strongly on Switzerland and on one of the most successful Swiss athletes of them all.’

Will that pay off? Pascal Mühlheim thinks so. ‘In 10 years as a skiing sponsor we’ve built up broad, lasting recognition. The brand is well anchored.’ 


Support from Ostermundigen

Wendy Holdener as a brand ambassador for Emmi Caffè Latte is a concept that finds expression in many different ways. A special TV spot and other communication measures in print media and digital channels are attracting attention.

Plus, a ‘Caffè Wendy’ has been launched as a special edition for this winter – an unsweetened Double Zero, the athlete’s favourite. 

Around 1.5 million of these special cups are being produced in Ostermundigen. ‘We’ve only been able to pull off this project thanks to the support of the people at the plant,’ says Brand Manager Chiara Iten.

“We’re over the moon.“

Plant Manager Isidor Lauber is proud of what they’ve achieved: ‘We’re over the moon.’ Now we just have to hope that the athlete has the greatest possible success when she’s out on her skis this winter. Go Wendy! We’ve got our fingers crossed.

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