Interwar years

It takes some time for life to return to normal in Switzerland after the end of the First World War (1918). Great efforts are made to safeguard the supply of milk and milk products to consumers. 1922 – after the mandate to cultivate grains and root crops (e.g. potatoes) is lifted – the tide turns on the Swiss dairy market: the market is flooded with milk and the opportunities to sell the product deteriorate as a result, not least due to tariff increases and import restrictions by other countries. Within the space of just a few months, the milk price falls by 15 centimes to 19 centimes per litre.

1920 Cheese Union
The official seizure of cheese is lifted. The Cheese Union – of which the ZMV is also a member – takes the place of the Cooperative of Swiss Cheese Export Companies.
1927 Takeover and participation
The ZMV buys the Sbrinz cheese dairy in Neuhüsern in the municipality of Emmen and invests in the cheese merchant Muther & Cie. AG in Schüpfheim.
1932 Organization Butyra
The Federal Council founds Butyra – an organisation with the sole authority to import butter. It also controls domestic butter production and the distribution of butter to wholesalers.
1936 GALA double-cream cheese
Gerber & Co. launches GALA double-cream cheese on the market – another product that enjoys enduring success to this day.
The Second World War

After 15 years of normality, the Second World War breaks out (1 September 1939) and a state of emergency is reimposed.