On 1 January 1993, the single European market comes into effect, providing a boost to growth. The Swiss population votes against joining the European Economic Area (EEA) in 1992 and consequently is unable benefit from this positive trend. The economy continues to stagnate until 1996. Major changes are ushered in for the Swiss dairy industry when the Federal Council elects to reduce the milk price to 10 centimes while at the same time increasing direct payments to farmers.

1993 ISO 9001 certification
Emmi becomes the first Swiss milk processor to receive ISO 9001 certification for its quality assurance system.
1993 Licence agreement with Tnuva
Emmi concludes a licence agreement with Tnuva, the largest agricultural organisation in Israel. In 1994, the company starts producing Emmi yogurt and Emmi fruit quark in Tel Aviv.
1993 Majority stake in Refa Weichkäse AG
Emmi acquires the majority stake in Refa Weichkäse AG and From Fresh AG in Kaltbach. The focus in Kaltbach is on cheese production, and less on the now internationally famous rock caves.
1993 Birchermüsli
Birchermüesli is launched on the market – a breakfast classic that remains just as popular today.
1994 Cooperation in Austria
Price factors make it difficult to export fresh products to neighbouring Germany. For that reason, desserts are produced by the new licence partner Schwälbchen. In Austria as well, a know-how licence agreement for production with Vorarlberg Milch replaces the export of yogurt from Switzerland.
1995 Crème Quark and Petit Suisse
Crème Quark, which is still popular to this day, sets a counterpoint to the growing trend for light products. The same year sees the launch of Petit Suisse – fruit quark in small portions – which can still be found in chiller cabinets around the country today.
1995 Anand Piccolo cheese in India
The licensee National Dairy Development Board in India produces Piccolo cheese according to Emmi's instructions in Anand.
1996 Environmental management system
Environmental protection is further professionalised at Emmi with the introduction of an environmental management system according to ISO 14001.
1996 Chilean licence partner
Emmi gains a first foothold in South America with Chilean licence partner Empresas Santa Carolina.
1996 Emmi Aktifit
With Aktifit, Emmi launches the first probiotic product to receive an authorisation number from the Federal Office of Public Health, therefore allowing it to be marketed using claims relating to health.
1996 Licence agreement with United Dairy
Emmi concludes a licence agreement with the food manufacturer United Dairy to produce Emmi fruit yogurts.
1996 Holding company
The MVL relinquishes the management reins of Emmi and consolidates its commercial interests in Emmi AG. This becomes a holding company.
1996 Licence agreement with Tunisia
Emmi and the Tunisian company Soril sign a licence agreement for the know-how and brand to manufacture fruit yogurt.
1996 Two-stage partnership agreement in Indonesia
A two-stage partnership agreement is signed with the Indonesia-based P.T. Ultrajaya. In the first phase, yogurts are imported from Switzerland to raise the profile of the Emmi brand. In the second phase, Ultrajaya is to manufacture Emmi products under licence.
1996 Gerber/Farner
A long history of cheese-making tradition and pioneering spirit join Emmi in the form of the Gerber/Farner group of companies. The company has its origins in the Gerber family from Thun. The family's many accomplishments include the invention of processed cheese in 1911 and the launch of two Swiss culinary staples on the market in the form of Gala double-cream cheese (1936) and Gerber fondue (1960).
1998 Gebrüder Joost AG
Emmi takes over the cheese merchant Gebrüder Joost AG in Langnau in Emmental.
1998 Orku Mjòlk in Iceland
Mjòlkursamsalan, the largest milk processor in Iceland, produces the probiotic yogurt drink LGG+ under Emmi licence, followed later in 2000 by "Orku Mjòlk" – Energy Milk.
1998 DJ Bobo ambassador for Emmi Energy Milk
With DJ Bobo as its ambassador, Emmi Energy Milk – an high-protein milk-based drink for children and young people – is launched. It can be found in almost every Swiss family household to this day.
1998 QimiQ - the all-rounder
QimiQ, the culinary all-rounder, appears on the market.
1998 Cheese centre in Kirchberg
Emmi takes over the cheese centre in Kirchberg from Coop. Today, the site specialises in packaging cheese according to customers' and consumers' specific wishes. Rolled, grated or made into rosettes – almost anything is possible.
1999 Distribution company Emmi Deutschland
Emmi decides to tap into the large German market directly and founds the distribution company Emmi Deutschland GmbH.
1999 Majority stake Hosp GmbH
Emmi acquires the majority stake in a long-standing partner company in Austria. Hosp GmbH becomes Emmi Österreich.
1999 1 billion Swiss francs sales
Emmi generates sales of more than 1 billion Swiss francs for the first time.
2000 Molkerei Basel
Emmi takes over Molkerei Basel from Coop on the Lysbüchel site.
2000 Collaboration in Greece
In collaboration with J. Mazarakis & Sons, Emmi launches a broad range of fresh products in Greece.
2000 Company Burra
The leading catering supply company in the Zurich region, Burra, joins Emmi.
2001 Emmi takes over Zingg
Emmi takes over Zingg, a Berne-based manufacturer of ready-made fondue, processed cheese and fresh cheese.
2001 Partnership with Kaiku
The beginning of a long and successful partnership: Emmi and the Iparlat brand Kaiku join forces.
2001 Baumann Käse AG
With Baumann Käse AG, the Emmi Group absorbs a range of 300 speciality cheeses.
Umbruchsphase in der Schweizer Milchwirtschaft