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You are what you eat

Flexitarian, fruitarian, vegetarian, vegan. The list of nutritional plans and diets just keeps getting longer and longer. Below we give you an unbiased overview.

Never has so much choice been available in supermarkets nor such a variety of recipes than there are today. The actual products that end up in a consumer’s shopping basket comes down to personal taste and compatibility as well as personal values.

Because for some people, eating is more than just eating, as the saying goes: You are what you eat.

We give you the judgment-free perspective:

Flexitarian – it's all about the mix

For flexitarians, healthy, conscious and varied nutrition is what matters. And from time to time they'll eat a good piece of meat or fish.

They enjoy trying something new every now and again, but they'e quite relaxed about it all. The main thing is that the food tastes good and makes their diet more varied. 

Freegans – a preference for home-grown

Freeganism has a political background and basically allows all food that doesn't originate from commercial trade.

Freegans mainly consume foods that are home-grown, given to them, found or thrown away. 

Fruitarians – focus on animal and plant welfare

Fruitarians mainly eat plant products such as fallen fruit, nuts and seeds. The way they are obtained doesn't harm the plant either. 

Paleotarians – food just like from the Stone Age

This form of nutrition is also called the Stone Age diet. Paleotarians eat foods that have been around since the Stone Age.

They're convinced that the human organism is accustomed to this food and can therefore digest and utilise it well. The main foods they consume are fruit, vegetables, nuts, honey, eggs and meat. They avoid all products containing milk or cerea

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Pescetarians – no meat but fish

Fish is allowed, but meat isn't. Honey, eggs and milk can also end up on their plate. Some pescetarians eat crustaceans and molluscs too.

Raw food eaters – cooking is forbidden

With this form of nutrition, all foods are allowed, but they must not be heated above 40 degrees Celsius during processing or they must be raw. This preserves the vitamins and enzymes. 

Vegetarians – happily meat-free

Meat, fish and seafood don't feature on a vegetarian’s menu. But products from living animals such as eggs, milk, honey and the additives produced from them are okay. 

Ovo-vegetarians don't eat any meat, fish, seafood or dairy products. Lacto-vegetarians can eat dairy products but not eggs. 

Vegan – not an animal in sight

Vegans refrain from eating all food that originates from animals. This includes eggs, milk, honey and the foods made from them.

They also exclude foods containing animal-based additives from their diet.

Those who not only eat vegan food but also live a vegan life, completely renounce the use of all animal products: no down duvets, no sweaters made of sheep’s wool and no lipsticks containing animal fats.

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