#People - 27 May 2020

The story of: Urs

We are proud of our corporate culture. It is as unique as the people who work for Emmi. One of our goals is to actively promote the further development of our co-workers.

Behind every single Emmi co-worker is an extraordinary story, an individual career. A CV as unique as a fingerprint. We have taken a closer look at some further development stories that are emblematic of the workforce as a whole.

Urs Studer, deputy head of cheese dairy, Stein AR , 25

“I wanted to discover as many new things as possible during my training as a dairy technologist. The 16-month post in the research and development department at Emmi Roth in the US was a really a cool challenge for me. ”

Urs StuderDeputy site manager Käserei Stein AR

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