#Company - 16 April 2021

Vegan products with Swiss oats

This has never been seen in Switzerland before: a chilled vegan coffee drink made with Swiss oat milk. There are also other products under the “beleaf” brand, which are made from Swiss ingredients.

It’s here: The milk alternative made from Swiss oats. Two pasteurised drinks, three UHT milk and two new yogurt alternatives, all oat based. Added to this is Emmi Caffè Drink Oat Cappuccino. The move fits well with our commitment to sustainability: We have committed to reducing CO2 emissions by 60 % by 2027. With oats grown in Switzerland, we are focusing on regionality and careful use of resources. 

“Oats as a raw material for vegan products are currently in demand because they require few resources and taste great.“

Melanie ThurauMarketing expert at Emmi

The pioneer: Emmi Caffè Drink Oat Cappuccino

After successfully launching its first vegan Caffè Drink a year ago, Emmi Caffè Latte is now adding a second: Emmi Caffè Drink Oat Cappuccino. This makes it the first vegan chilled coffee drink in Switzerland to be made with Swiss oats.

“Consumers get a taste experience with the quality they are used to. The Arabica beans from Brazil are freshly brewed and blended with the best oat drink”, says Melanie Thurau, marketing expert at Emmi. “Oats as a raw material for vegan products are currently in demand because they require few resources and taste great.” 


Creative teamwork

However, developing the oat drink was not easy. Each new raw material presents Emmi and its developers with new challenges. With the help of Molkerei Biedermann, an Emmi subsidiary, a tasty oat drink has been produced from oat flour. Behind this is craftsmanship, tinkering, a dash of creativity and, above all, a great deal of teamwork.


Stefanie Heinzmann as brand ambassador

Emmi’s vegan “beleaf” range has been offering varied and wholesome vegan products for a year. “beleaf” stands for an open and diverse way of life – making Valais singer Stefanie Heinzmann’s recent appointment as a brand ambassador for “beleaf” a perfect fit. The 31-year-old is as versatile as “beleaf” and stands by what she does completely, without compromise. “Her approach and attitude are a perfect fit with us, our products and the brand. We’re very much looking forward to the partnership and the upcoming projects,” says Katharina Wind, marketing manager for “beleaf”.

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