Lucerne, 27 August 2020

Emmi increases stake in Bettinehoeve

Emmi, the leading Swiss milk processor, is increasing its stake in Dutch goat’s milk processor Bettinehoeve to 90 % and strengthening its commitment to this growth segment. The family business, in which Emmi has held a 60 % stake since 2016, has steadily strengthened its position in recent years thanks to its diverse range of goat’s cheese varieties. Emmi is therefore exercising the option to increase its stake in Bettinehoeve.

Products made from goat’s milk are among the most attractive niches in the dairy industry internationally. The Dutch family company Bettinehoeve, in which Emmi has held a 60 % stake since 2016, has successfully expanded its position in this market in recent years. Emmi is therefore exercising the option to increase its stake to 90 %. 

Bettinehoeve specialises in the production of an extremely diverse range of goat’s milk cheese varieties, which are mainly sold through Dutch retailers. Other important markets are the UK, Germany, France, the Nordics and Belgium.

“With this increase in our stake, we can integrate Bettinehoeve even better into our global goat’s milk network and strengthen our commitment to this important growth segment for Emmi,” says Robin Barraclough, Head of the Business Division Europe, explaining this decision. 

Management team remains unchanged

Bettinehoeve was founded in 1982 by Johan Ewijk, the father of the current managing director Sybren Ewijk. He will retain a 10 % stake in the company and will continue to be responsible for the further development of the business in the future. 

The increase in the stake in Bettinehoeve also affects Emmi’s share in Goat Milk Powder (GMP), the joint venture between Bettinehoeve and AVH dairy, another Dutch subsidiary of Emmi. GMP was founded in 2013. AVH dairy is responsible for the marketing, sales and distribution of products used, for example, in the production of sports nutrition and baby food. Production takes place at Bettinehoeve. Emmi now holds 80.9 % of GMP shares. 

The parties have agreed not to disclose the purchase price. 


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About Bettinehoeve

Bettinehoeve is the leading producer of fresh goat’s cheese in the Netherlands. Founded in 1982, the family business has its headquarters in Etten-Leur in the province of North Brabant and operates two production plants. Bettinehoeve employs a total of around 115 members of staff.

Bettinehoeve processes about 150,000 litres of goat’s milk every day, purchased from around 45 Dutch goat farms. Bettinehoeve’s product range consists mainly of fresh and matured goat’s cheese for its own brand Bettine and for private labels. About half of these products are sold in the domestic market. Other important markets are the UK, Germany, France, the Nordics and Belgium. 

About Goat Milk Powder

The Goat Milk Powder factory was established in 2013 through a partnership between goat’s cheese producer Bettinehoeve from Etten-Leur and AVH dairy from Bergen (a subsidiary of Emmi), an exporter of goat’s and sheep’s milk products. 

The production of milk powder and WPC55 (goat’s milk whey protein concentrate) started in May 2014. 


About Emmi

Emmi is a major Swiss milk processor. The company dates back to 1907, when it was founded by 62 dairy farming cooperatives around Lucerne. Over the past 20 years, Emmi has grown into an international, listed group. It has for many years pursued a successful strategy based on three pillars: strengthening its Swiss domestic market, international growth and cost management. Throughout its corporate history, Emmi’s keen awareness of its responsibility to society, animal welfare and the environment has been fundamental to its mission.

In Switzerland, Emmi manufactures a comprehensive range of dairy products for its own brands and private label products for customers, including leading exports such as Emmi Caffè Latte and Kaltbach. In other countries, its products – mainly speciality products – are manufactured locally. Alongside cow’s milk, it also processes goat’s and sheep’s milk. 

In Switzerland, the Emmi Group has 25 production sites. Abroad, Emmi and its subsidiaries have a presence in 14 countries, eight of which have production facilities. Emmi exports products from Switzerland to around 60 countries. Its business activities focus on the Swiss domestic market as well as western Europe and the American continent. Half of its CHF 3.5 billion in sales – over 10 % of which stems from organic products – is generated in Switzerland, the other half abroad. Almost two-thirds of its more than 8,000 employees are currently based outside of Switzerland.