#Sustainability - 23 April 2021

Learning on the farm: Pfefferli family

In the video portrait series “Our Farmer Ambassadors”, we regularly introduce one of our farmer ambassadors. Today, the Pfefferli family's "Lernort Bauernhof" educational farm is in the spotlight. Judith and Franz Pfefferli welcome school classes and offer a farm playgroup, seasonal courses and gardening courses for children.

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“I want the little ones to know where all the delicious foods come from, to know milk's journey and to understand how natural cycles work.“

Judith PfefferliFarmer ambassador and craft teacher, Wangen bei Olten

Emmi Farmer Ambassadors

The long-standing partnership with our regional dairy farmers has always been particularly important to us: it is characterised by trust, closeness to our origins and quality awareness. Our goal is the same: to turn the best experiences with dairy products into Emmi moments – we are all wholeheartedly committed to achieving this with all our expertise. Emmi launched the Emmi Farmer Ambassador Project (only in german) in 2018 to further strengthen this partnership and put a face to our dairy farmers. 

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