QimiQ ist  ein gelingsicheres, natürliches Sahne-Produkt  mit 15 % Fett zum Kochen, Backen und Verfeinern. Der Name ist ein Phantasiewort und setzt sich aus „QUICK“ (= schnell) und „MILK“ (= Milch) zusammen.

  1. Store at room temperature.
  2. Stir QimiQ Classic Nature until smooth (the product should ideally be at ambient temperature – if chilled, this will take longer).
  3. Add ingredients. 

Exception: To refine soups and sauces, add chilled QimiQ Classic Nature right at the end (can be used like cold butter). This makes them particularly creamy. It is important to note that QimiQ should not be brought to the boil, since this causes the gelatine to lose its structure and function. QimiQ Sauce Base can be used to produce creamy soups and sauces.

  • Natural product (unlike plant-based products, it contains no additives)
  • Full-flavoured, despite containing only 15 % fat
  • For cooking, baking and refining
  • Neutral taste that emphasises the flavours of the other ingredients
  • Quick, easy and fool-proof
  • Alcohol- and acid-stable (does not curdle, even if vinegar or lemon juice are added)
  • Heat-stable (sauces do not curdle, even when reheating)
  • Replaces butter (e.g. in butter mixtures, spreads, to refine soups)
  • Replaces eggs (e.g. in baking, tiramisu or Qiminaise)
  • Replaces cream (e.g. in soups, sauces, dressings)
  • Replaces gelatine (e.g. in cakes, creams, mousses, panna cotta)
  • No leakage of liquid when used in spreads or cake fillings – bread and doughs therefore remain dry and fresh for longer

Actually it is – gelatine is a natural foodstuff. Our claim that the product is “100 % natural” is correct.

No. Experiments with plant-based alternatives did not produce the desired outcome. Compared with plant-based alternatives, gelatine has a number of advantages. One of the most relevant is that gelatine is 100 % natural, while comparable plant-based foodstuffs (such as Rama Cremefine) contain additives. This means that QimiQ Classic contains no E numbers, stabilisers, preservatives, etc.

QimiQ Classic Nature consists of 99 % cream with only 15 % fat and 1 % high-quality edible gelatine (obtained from bovine connective tissue).

Since 1998, Emmi has been producing and distributing QimiQ, under licence from QimiQ Handels GmbH, to the retail and food service sectors. The product name “QimiQ” and its manufacturing process are protected worldwide by a patent and registered trademark for HAMA Foodservice.