For organisational and logistical reasons (ensuring consistent cooling), Emmi is unable to provide samples.

Since our packaging consists of different materials, it is not possible for us to provide a general disposal point. It may be disposed of at points of sale (COOP, Migros, etc.), municipal facilities (Ökihof) or with household waste. 

If the product is past its use-by date, the foodstuff may not be consumed even if it is still unopened, as it cannot be guaranteed that it is safe to eat. 

This is different for products with a best-before date. Such products may still be consumed after this date if the storage conditions have been strictly complied with. 

After opening the product, Emmi advises its consumers to test it by sight, smell and cautious tasting and then, on the basis of this assessment, make their own decision as to whether the food can still be consumed.

The use-by date is the date by which a product should be consumed. This date is used to indicate products that only keep for a limited time and have to be stored in the refrigerator. Examples: Minced meat, pre-cut salads. 

The best-before date is the date by which an appropriately stored foodstuff retains specific characteristics such as taste, smell, colour, consistency and nutritional value. It is used for foods that keep for a longer period of time. These include dairy products such as yogurt or cheese.