We process milk from sustainable production

The sustainability of dairy products hinges on the production of milk. Not only does agriculture have the greatest impact on the environment, it also influences other aspects of sustainability, such as farmers’ economic situation and animal welfare. That’s why we want to work with the most sustainable milk suppliers at Emmi.

Our approach

Every year, we process around 1.6 billion kilograms of milk at our facilities throughout the world. This milk doesn’t come from our own farms, but is supplied to us from several thousand dairy farmers. By far the largest volume of milk (1 billion kilograms per year) is processed in Switzerland, where it is supplied to us by around 6,500 Swiss dairy farmers. By 2020, these suppliers will have to meet a catalogue of sustainability criteria.

These include, for example, that dairy cows must be kept in conditions that exceed animal welfare open pasture requirements and mainly be fed on grass and hay.

If soy is used as supplementary animal feed, it must be sustainably grown.

Another of our central requirements is that Swiss milk is not only of outstanding quality, but continues to be produced free of GMO and production-enhancing hormones.

In turn, we pay dairy farmers above-average prices for their milk.

Our flagships

Member of KOMETIAN (Complementary Animal Medicine Offering)
Member of AgroCleanTech (Energy and Climate Protection Agency for Agriculture)

Our contribution to the UN 2030 Agenda

Objective 12: Responsible consumption and production
Objective 13: Climate action
Objective 15: Life on land