Emmi Moments

Emmi Moments

Emmi Moments Chocolate
It is moments of joy that make life that little bit sweeter, be it a friendly smile, a ray of sunshine after the rain or a favourite song playing on the radio.

These moments are the inspiration behind Emmi Moments: a super-creamy yogurt that comes in four flavours, with an exquisite layer of strawberry, chocolate, caramel or lemon cheesecake. And they all have that little extra. Indulge yourself in a Moment that’s just for you.

Emmi Moments Chocolate

Simply irresistible: fresh like a yogurt and unbelievably chocolatey with those little chips. This combination has never been so tempting – it truly is irresistible.
Yogurt enriched with cream plus chocolate chips and cocoa powder, 7.5% fat milk.
Ingredients: Yogurt made with pasteurised Swiss milk, Swiss cream 11%, sugar, water, chocolate chips 1.5% (cocoa butter, cocoa powder, concentrated butter, sugar), cocoa powder 1%, modified starches, lemon juice concentrate, aromas, carrageen thickening agent.
Content: 150 g

Nutritional information per 100 g:
619 kJ (148 kcal)
7,2 g
  of which saturates:
4,4 g
15 g
  of which sugars:
14 g
5,0 g
0,07 g